Dr. Disrespect is no stranger to redemption youtube viewers and other streamers, but during a recent live stream, they were left temporarily speechless by a chat message. The Doctor was sporting a facelift, and even though he was expecting some Fire, he didn’t expect to be compared to Fire Mario.

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During a recent YouTube livestream, Dr. Disrespect wore a white long-sleeved muscular shirt, when he usually wears black and red. Black and red were still represented through the streamer’s headset, vest and shades, but white was a drastic departure from their usual form. As a result, many Dr. Dishonor fans sent messages including a Fire Mario message redeeming the two-time champion, which included a $4.99 SuperChat donation.


“Hey Fire Mario, you look like Dr Disrespect,” said the YouTube chat message, which sparked a funny reaction from YouTube streamers. When compared to Fire Mario, Dr. Dishonor said he didn’t like the tone of the message, but that he had to look at the character above. Looking at the Nintendo hero, Dr. Disrespect repeated his name as if he was trying to put a face on the name.

Doctor is compared to Fire Mario From

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With all the images of Fire Mario on display behind Dr Disrespect, it became easier for some viewers to see what Owen Bailey was talking about with his charity. The Doctor’s mustache twisted as he looked at his stream dress in despair before cursing him in the necklace. After this the YouTube streamer . Told about other Superchat donations before watching the video of Lemonis Gate.

Dr Disrespect brought back the Doctoral Halloween Contest this year, a contest in which his fans put on their best Doctor cosplay. The YouTube streamer has so far featured a few Doctober entrants, but a recent cosplay involved MLB’s Atlanta Braves Mascot Blooper who dressed up as a doctor for a game. There are still many more days left in October and the best Dr. Disrespect cosplay remains to be seen. “Hey Fire Mario, you look like Dr Disrespect,” said the YouTube chat message, which sparked a funny reaction from YouTube streamers.

Unlike October’s contestants, it is unlikely that Dr. Disrespect intended to resemble Fire Mario when he chose a white shirt for his stream. Given how long Dr. Disrespect has been gaming, it’s also possible that he’s seen Fire Mario in the past. While the two-time champion didn’t have the trademark Mario cap, the rest of his outfit had many similarities to the Nintendo hero. Mario is known to change his hat to others such as when he meets Cappy. super mario odyssey So it’s not strange to think that he can wear a black wig with sunglasses and Turtle Beach headphones.

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