Together Halloween Only weeks away, many gamers are joining in on the spooky festivities. While the holiday gives fans the perfect reason to dress up as some of their favorite video game characters, YouTube streamer Dr. Dishonor has given gamers a different challenge. Instead of cosplaying as a popular video game character, the Doctor is hosting a contest for his fans to imitate his iconic look.

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Dr Disrespect is one of the most popular streamers on YouTube. playing a variety of sports, such as Call of Duty: Warzone And Apex LegendsHe is known for his high-octane gameplay and exciting personality. On top of this, streamer has become famous for its memorable gaming persona. Sporting a dark mullet, smooth shades, and red vest, it’s almost impossible to confuse the Doctor with anyone else. However, the popular streamer is trying to change that.


Recently, Dr. Disrespect announced that he is going to host a contest during the Halloween season. The contest, called “The Doctor,” gives fans a chance to show off their best outfit based on the popular streamer. This is the second time the competition has been held, as London, an 11-year-old, won the first prize in 2020 with a scintillating representation from the doctor.

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There are a few rules to keep in mind for those eager to don the dreamer’s iconic colors and the mullet. To enter the Doctor’s Halloween contest, contestants must dress up as Dr. Disrespect and then take a photo or video showing their outfit. Finally, the photo or video must be tweeted with the hashtag “#Doctober2021”.

In addition to the glory of being known as the Doctor’s best impersonator, the top 3 contestants receive some impressive awards. The third-place contestant wins a merchandise package, a signed peripheral package, and a permanent spot in the Arena (Dr. Disrespect’s streaming community). Second place earns the same rewards as third place, along with peripherals used by the streamer. First place also wins the same prize as third but also receives an original pair of Oakley glasses signed by Dr. In addition, the top prize winner gets the opportunity to play a duet with the streamer.

In addition to the “Doctor” contest, other streamers have tried to replicate the look of Dr. Disrespect, with varying degrees of success. Last summer, Tim the Tatman attempted to copy the Doctor’s look after receiving a Chipotle supply kit. Dubbed “Dr. FoodRespect” as “Dr. FoodRespect” by members of his community, Tim offers his fans his own unique albeit Doctor’s modest cosplay. In addition to Tim the Tatman, TSM Wis pulled a more accurate cosplay of Dr. Disrespect after he decided to dress up as the iconic streamer for a charity event.

It will be interesting to see what fans come up with for “Doctor” 2021. Based on entries from last year’s event, it looks like there will be some impressive Dr. Dishonored look-a-likes on Twitter in the coming days.

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