After several years of development, gamers are finally able to get their hands on the multiplayer parts of hello infinity Totally for free. It seems that some experience aura Skeptical fans of the new game have been won over—or at least, there has been one. YouTube streamer Dr. Disrespect recently praised on Twitter hello infinityMultiplayer despite being unsure about it in the past.

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In the past, Dr. Disrespect declared that he was not affected by hello infinity, so it appears to be quite a change. Allegedly, the dreamer was sure that hello infinity Battle Royale mode will be required to push the envelope and be successful. While the free multiplayer aspect of the game doesn’t have a battle royale mode, it does appear to be enjoyable.

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Dr. Disrespect took to his verified Twitter account in the wake of hello infinity The game played well enough to officially accept the multiplayer release. In his tweet, he said he was giving the game a “firm handshake”, although he ended it by saying “yayya”, which could mean sarcasm. Regardless, most of the answers to this post seem to assume that his praise was valid, including the officer’s answer. aura The Twitter account said it was good to see Dr Disrespect aboard.

Another element Dr. Disrespect wanted to see hello infinity One was proximity voice chat, a mechanic that made it difficult for players to hear each other unless they were standing close to the game. Proximity chat functions often give a feeling of tension and isolation in games, making it hard for players to keep in touch, especially if they are willing to spread out or fight alone. Dr Dishonor has an extensive history with FPS games and said that multiplayer previews hello infinity Felt empty in a way that could be addressed through the increased focus created by proximity chat. that hello infinity It seems to have won its respect regardless of what it says about the quality of its multiplayer.

At the time of writing, it appears that many other fans are paying their respects as well. hello infinitee multiplayer, which is already incredibly successful. Twitch partner Vis congratulated the Halo Infinity developers for making a good game, but also said that a battle royale mode would be welcome. Another user only listed his complaints about the absence of SWAT and the need to pay for the best armor in the game.

hello infinity In development for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

Hello Infinite Spartan Assault Rifle
Halo Infinite players running in blue screen when trying to play multiplayer

As suspected, Halo Infinity’s multiplayer beta went live today, but many players are immediately hitting a blue screen when trying to play.

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