Last week, YouTube streamer and content creator Dr. Disrespect had a feud with Battle Royale Call of Duty: Warzone, Dr. Disrespect even went so far as to say that Activision and Raven Software should scrap the new caldera map. But Dr. Disrespect may get a new battle royale to replace Call of Duty: Warzone, In a recent stream, Dr. Disrespect played a closed beta version of super people, a new battle royale. YouTuber liked what he played in super people, and intends to “get good” at it over time.

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after a session of super people, Dr. Anadar answered a question from his chat and asked him to summarize his thoughts. Dr. Dishonor wasn’t aggressively positive about his experience, but he had good things to say super people, “I really like it,” said Dr. Disrespect, characterizing his joy. super people After his recent gloomy game as a “breath of fresh air” Call of Duty: Warzone,


Dr. Dishonor’s plans for his future are more praiseworthy super people, He says he really wants to “be good with the game,” and that playing it “makes me want to be good.” then she . recognizes the challenging aspects of super peopleIt’s a gameplay that’s worth learning better, describing it as “fluid” in how players are able to heal, use items, craft, and still play aggressively. “Watching the best players do their jobs makes me want to get better,” says Dr. Disrespect. “I have to get super fluid to win.”

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While Dr. Disrespect is certainly upbeat about his time super people And while he confirms he will play more in the future, his comments have been unusually limited because of his frequent exaggeration and strong language. He doesn’t necessarily say that he will be playing super people on other battle royale games, even Call of Duty: Warzone, he doesn’t describe super people Better than other battle royales, or anything like that. But acknowledging the potential of a new game for Dr. Disrespect is undoubtedly a positive for the upcoming Battle Royale.

Dr. Disrespect is so popular that he alone can change direction super peopleThe future of Battle royale’s genre is extremely saturated and the market is hard to penetrate, with the attention of big streamers all that is needed to establish a game. this could be a turning point super peopleOn to launch.

for the time being, super people There is no release date, either for early access or a full launch. It’s currently in closed beta and interested battle royale players can visit the game’s Steam profile and request to join with the click of a button. Otherwise, expect to hear related news super people Later in 2022.

super people Available in closed beta on PC.

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