There are some streamers who are also known as the infamous Dr Disrespect. Renowned for his quirky personality, high production values, and gaming prowess, The Doc has amassed more than 3.5 million subscribers on YouTube since his abrupt ban and his subsequent departure. Twitch in June 2020. There is a lesser known fact about the former Twitch star that has always kept people on alert; Dr Disrespect is an astonishing 6’8″ tall and has played Division 2 NCAA basketball.

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YouTubers and creators are always looking for ways to enter various industries to capitalize on their fame. Some try music careers, some try acting, and others like the infamous Paul Brothers have tried their hand at boxing. With Jake Paul recently fighting former UFC welterweight champion Tyron Woodley in an actual professional boxing match, fans are beginning to wonder which other social media stars would excel in the ring, and Dr. Athletic abilities have made him an understandable favorite.


Of course, a boxing match is just as exciting to match with a worthy opponent, as Logan Paul vs. Floyd Mayweather showed fans. On a recent Dr. Disrespect live stream, a fan asked The Doctor if he’d be willing to fight Hassan “Hasanabi” Picker, a popular streamer who recently received death threats to buy a $2.7 million home. was getting Hasanabi’s streams contain left-wing social commentary and video game-related content, and as such, some of his fans saw the home purchase as a hypocrisy against his socialist views.

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Hassan Abi and Dr. Aadar

But when Dan appeared and proposed Hasanbi as a potential rival, Dr. Aadar simply replied, “Who?”

Now, since Hasnabi has over 1.5 million followers on Twitch, it is very likely that Dr. Anadar knows very well who the political streamer is. In fact, Hassan Abi once downed The Doc Call of Duty: Warzone matching. So far warzone The fight is hardly inductive as to what will happen in the actual ring.

Dr Disrespect definitely has a significant size and possibly potency advantage as well. Hasanbi is reportedly 6’3″ tall, which, while respectable, is nowhere near the doctor’s towering height. Dr. Dishonor’s past NCAA basketball experience shows that he can capture speed and agility gains quite well as well.

However at this point in time, Doctor Aadar shows no desire to enter the boxing ring against Hassan Abi or anyone else. Twitch Streamer Still, with the Paul brothers piling up money against fighters like Floyd Mayweather and Tyron Woodley, maybe one day we’ll even see Dr. Dishonor dominate an opponent in the ring.

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