Dragon Ball: The Breakers is basically what’d happen if you put Goku in Dead By Daylight

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No, I wasn’t expecting to catch a trailer for a Dragon Ball-branded twist on Dead By Daylight’s terrifying slash. But it certainly appears for Banda Namco’s newly announced pitch Dragon Ball: The Breakers,

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Pitting 7 civilians against a powerful supernatural raider, The Breakers tasks survivors with finding and powering a time machine in which they find themselves. Like Dead by Daylight, that means doing a lot of bullying and hoping for the big bad ‘you get’.

But this is a Dragon Ball game, and the sculling doesn’t lend itself to brilliantly daring anime spectacle. Character-specific abilities (such as resizing Oolong), items scattered around the map, and “Dragon Change” moves that temporarily infuse you with Goku-like powers, give you windows to fight back. Of course, Raiders can also level up by meeting “certain conditions” (i.e., harassing civilians), and Namco warns that they will be effectively invincible when they reach their final form.


(Image credit: Bandai Namco)
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It’s a quirky, curious twist on the format, but one I’m excited to see pan out. Dead by Daylight is quietly thriving, crossing over with horror icons in game and film (and, unfortunately, Krypto’s very real horror), and I’ll be interested to see if the same kind of odd tension exists. The game remains in it a little less bloody and a little more explosively flamboyant.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers is due to hit Steam next year, with Bandai saying there will be a global beta before the full release.

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