sports award The shows are just around the corner, with the show airing next month from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles. The show recently revealed the nominees for its various categories, including five potential selections for The Game Awards Content Creator of the Year.

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As with any award show, there is a lot of controversy surrounding the nominees. Several big games were put on hold for award nominations, and many feel the same way about the choices for Content Creator of the Year. The controversy prompted one of the nominees to weigh in, with Dream tweeting her personal picks for this year’s top five streamers.


Dream shared the list of top streamers on 19 November. His picks include a tie between Ludwig, XQC, Rae, Mizkiff and Ranbu and Tommy Init. Most of this shouldn’t require much introduction, being some of the biggest streamers on Twitch. For example, Ludwig, whose full name is Ludwig Ahgren, was the most subscribed streamer on Twitch between March 22 and May 12 this year. Meanwhile, Rae, also known as Valkyra, has been Twitch’s most-watched female streamer since 2020 and already has a Game Award win under her belt.

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The other four are equally popular on Twitch. xQc is a former professional overwatch player and another former most viewed Twitch streamer. His recent interest in chess started a major trend on the stage last year. Meanwhile, Mizkiff went from an obscure Twitch streamer to one of the platform’s biggest in 2016. He came in as the third most-watched streamer during America’s 2020 presidential election, behind trainwreckstav and Hassan Picker. Finally, there are popular streamers coming from both Ranbu and Tommynit Minecraft Community. They’re both big names, though Dream admitted that he might be a little biased, given that they both started streaming from their private Minecraft Server.

Judging by the official Game Awards nominees, Dream itself is a huge streamer famous for itself. Minecraft Speedrun Fuseli A. started as League of Legends The streamer and recently joined LA-based gaming organization 100 Thieves as a content creator. Spanish streamer Ibai, known primarily as an eSports commentator, is the tenth largest Twitch streamer globally and was recently listed by Forbes as the most influential people in Spain. Fellow Spaniard the Grafeg also received a Game Award nomination. He holds the Guinness World Record for the most concurrent Twitch viewers and is the seventh most subscribed Twitch streamer worldwide. Finally, the Brazilian streamer gals has the honor of being the most-watched Twitch streamer on earth.

Notably, Dream explains in his tweet that he only speaks English, explaining why his choices are less geographically diverse than those of Game Award’s official nominees. And while ideas aren’t everything, it should come as no surprise that The Game Awards decided to include some of the biggest online content creators in the world.

The Game Awards 2021 Will air on December 9.

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