One of the biggest surprise announcements of The Game Awards 2021 was the reveal Dunes: Spice Wars, an RTS based on the iconic science-fiction novels by Frank Herbert. Beyond its apparent inspiration from 1992 dune 2, as the first modern RTS in what many consider, very little was said about the game. However, that has now been changed, as developer Shiro Games has dropped a variety of new details about it. Dunes: Spice Wars, This includes plans for an early release of Shiro and future content rollouts.

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To begin, Shiro Games clarifies that it sees Dunes: Spice Wars As both a real-time strategy game and a 4X game. It is characterized by saying Dunes: Spice Wars Will feature “slower than normal” RTS gameplay, which includes the ability to stop and fast forward. In addition, it focuses on the major 4X areas of exploration, territory control, economic development and warfare, as well as politics and espionage. Despite this, Shiro says the 4X Elements will be no different Dunes: Spice Wars‘RTS Experience.


This means that RTS players are worried Dunes: Spice Wars Base-building won’t be RTS, that’s right unfortunately. Whereas Dunes: Spice Wars Will allow players to build a base of operations, it will not feature building placement. Shiro describes it Dunes: Spice Wars Featuring a “much larger scale” than a typical RTS. Suffice to say, the planet of Arrakis is huge and players will manage a much larger area than most RTS games.

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Another key is revealed Dunes: Spice Wars‘ The gameplay is that it will have procedurally generated maps. The map will have settings for size as well as in-game mechanics such as sandworm activity, but will otherwise be fully generated. Of course, the locations within those maps will be written, including key locations. Dune Novel

how to Dunes: Spice Wars will be released, Shiro and publisher Funcom plan to use the Early Access format. it means that . an early, diluted version of Dunes: Spice Wars Will first release on Steam. Content will be rolled out over time until Shiro considers the game complete. That said, Shiro says he plans to deliver a “very good” game on day one, with player feedback driving the game’s direction from there.

The current plan is to launch without major aspects of the game including multiplayer and a campaign. Instead these will be released later as part of Early Access Dunes: Spice Wars, Shiro says it’s not currently planned, it has mod support, though it’s open to agreeing otherwise. Expect to hear more about Dunes: Spice Wars in the coming months.

Dunes: Spice Wars Will release in 2022 on PC.

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