Open world games are often longer than most games in order for players to capture their environment with events and objectives. Actually, dying lightFor example, the average minimum for a story to complete is about 20 hours, while the average completion time is about 80.5 hours.

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Dying Light 2 Stay Human The game is set to launch on February 4th and a lot of information has already been transparently shared from developer and publisher Techland. but as big as a game dying light yes it seems Dying Light 2 Will expand itself further and players can look forward to a more immersive experience with the sequel.


Techland has publicly stated that it is striving to accomplish 100% Dying Light 2 It will take no less than 500 hours, which the developer compares with the time it takes to get from Warsaw to Madrid. It is clearly advertised as a beneficial part of Dying Light 2 And boasts hours of seemingly insurmountable content for players to enjoy upon release of the game. Techland reiterates that this 500-hour completion window refers to 100% completion, as some fans immediately shared concerns about how long the story alone could take to complete.

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It is then clarified that Dying Light 2It will take players about 70-80 hours to complete the main campaign and side quests. Its story and side quests take less than 100 hours to finish, revealing that there’s reportedly over 400 hours worth of material for eager perfectionists to find out if they so choose. . It is ultimately up to the players whether they prefer the shorter or longer experiences with open-world games, but those who prefer more longevity to their games may be in for a treat with the amount of content. could Dying Light 2 is called.

Of course, this content may or may not include situations and gameplay that can only be explored in multiple playthroughs as some decisions will exclude players from other areas. Dying Light 2The proposed file size on the PS5 seems too small for the hours players log in, but this could increase after future updates and first-day patches. Time will tell whether 500 hours is accurate or exaggerated Dying Light 2But the game is still shaping up to be one of the biggest titles to be released this February.

Dying Light 2 Launching on February 4th for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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