Dying Light 2 lead designer teases future co-op class system

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Like Dying Light before, Dying Light 2 is going to be a huge open world game that you can play yourself if you want to—but why, when Crying over Zombies is such a great time in co-op? I expect most people to play Dying Light 2 in the same way, because mind only brings friendship closer.

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After nearly four hours of playing Dying Light 2 in a recent demo (single, sadly), I interviewed lead designer Tymon Smektassa and asked if Techland had thought about adding character classes to co-op. . What I had in mind was Borderlands, which shares some similarities in its lightweight RPG system and plethora of loot, but gives each character a specific role in combat. Dying Light 2 has a skill tree, but it looks like the kind that you fill out entirely by the end of the game, rather than one designed to improve upon a specific play style.

Can dedicated tanks and scouts work in Dying Light 2?


“It’s freeform because you start playing in co-op,” Smectasa said. “It’s something that you’re going to have to find your own strategy for. But at some point I think we’ll support what you just mentioned.”

I’m intrigued. The first Dying Light has gotten years of free and paid DLC and in-game events to keep players engaged in the moment, and Smectasa told me that Techland expects to support Dying Light 2 for a long time. Expanding the cooperative with a more involved class system seems like a shoo-in for expansion.

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You can read more about Dying Light 2 in my preview, where I dive into the combat and parkour that came back from the first game, and the branching story structure that’s new to Dying Light 2. I had a good time with the action, especially the feel of Dying Light 2’s weighty melee weapons, but the story was a letdown. It’s reaching some impressive differences depending on who you’re with, but I don’t believe the writing would actually make those choices (or characters) very interesting.

After several delays, Dying Light 2 is slated to release on February 4.

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