Dying Light 2 lets you make bakeries and pumpkin farms when you aren’t killing Infected

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The abandoned structures in Dying Light 2 are good for more than just combat and parkour challenges: you can even turn some of them into bakeries, pumpkin fields, schools, and other niceties.

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Lead game designer Tymon Smectala discusses how these structures play into the city alignment system in Dying Light 2 Stay Human in developer Techland’s latest Dying 2 No More video. “When you restore an abandoned structure, it becomes a functional building,” he explained. “It starts to offer you a lot of new opportunities. There may be vendors who offer you unique items or maybe some quests or new collectibles, or maybe NPCs you can talk to who are usually new. lead to adventure.”

For example, restored training grounds can give you the chance to test out exotic weapons or take on bizarre combat trials that bend the rules of fights, allowing you to “use your skills in crazy and extreme situations. ” You’ll also find parkour challenges masterminded by a designer who clearly loves platforming games and attempts to bring a bit of that sparkle to Dying Light 2’s traversal. At least, “If you love Mario the way he does, you’ll definitely find something interesting in the challenges he creates,” Smectala says of the parkour challenges.


Other buildings could blossom into community centers once restored. By helping the people of the city, Aiden can fuel the development of everything from beekeeping to schooling, and not to forget the pumpkin farms and bakeries. A bit of pumpkin bread should make the post-apocalypse more bearable.

Dying Light 2 is coming to Nintendo Switch, and the first game arrives on consoles next week.

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