There will soon be a torrent of things for gamers to enjoy, as February 2022 is packed with major new games, expansions, and more. one of the big new releases Dying Light 2, The follow-up to 2015’s hack and slash zombie parkour game. Whereas Dying Light 2 It’s been delayed several times, it looks like it’s finally ready for release, and the studio behind it is revealing plenty of new information.

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Earlier today, Techland revealed a new Dying Light 2 How its skill tree will work in Diving Gameplay video. There are two skill trees for players to invest in, Parkour and Combat, which include tailored skills to give players new gameplay options. For example, a skill on the Combat Tree allows players to collide with enemies, driving them down the concrete streets below.


During this, Dying Light 2 The Parkour skill tree will help players explore the world more, giving them better jump distances, new traversal options, and more. Together, the two skill trees should combine combat and parkour, Dying Light 2 central mechanics, in a far more fluid and versatile experience than the first game offered. It’s largely about giving players options for each scenario they face.

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It’s easy to see the potential of the system as well. For example, a skill called “tic tac” allows players to walk along horizontal surfaces, which can then be combined with ground pounds for a striking effect. It’s the kind of on-the-fly combo that will give players the freedom they want when facing Dying Light 2 Human and zombie enemies, though this will depend on how players invest their skills.

Game Rant got a chance to experience combat and parkour mechanics during a hands-on November Dying Light 2 Preview. The system works just as one would expect it, though it offers a fascinating new layer on what the original game had to offer, which may be enough to keep fans coming back.

If history repeats itself, Dying Light 2 Will also receive a plethora of DLC content as before dying light The new content packs have gotten pretty consistent since launch. It’s somewhat unusual for story-driven games to still receive new content six years later, though it certainly means the development team has confidence in their game.

Dying Light 2 Will release on February 4, 2022 for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Stadia, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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