effect is a name that most video game fans will not be familiar with. This is a new name for a team of experienced developers with a history of 26 years. However, it is now an Electronic Arts studio, led by Respawn Entertainment CEO Vince Zampella. This is no longer EA DICE LA, for which there is a support studio Battle field developer DICE, but is working on its own game instead. What that game is is currently a mystery. However, a new job listing for the Ripple Effect gives an early indication of the direction of the project.

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The job listing is for a Lead Character Artist at Ripple Effect and is looking for an experienced developer with expert skills in sculpting and modeling using Zbrush and Maya. Overall, this is a very typical job listing for such a position. However, there is a bullet point in the “Skills We Look For” section of the listing that is referencing Ripple Effect’s game. The skill is “military gear and hardware knowledge a plus”.


This implies that Ripple Effect is making a game that includes characters depicted in military gear, or gear that is inspired by a military theme. Without further context, this leaves a lot of genres as a possibility. Military gear is pretty impressive across most genres, from sandbox survival games to sci-fi RPGs. The practice of a military presence is incredibly common in video game storytelling these days.

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ripple effect new game job listing

Of course, the most likely scenario is also the simplest. Ripple Effect is a team of developers supporting Battle field suffrage for years. It makes sense for its first new game to be inspired by that experience. There seems to be a possibility of a first-person shooter, or even a multiplayer FPS. it can also be a Battle field spin-offs, such as bad Company or fanatics, Given the modern feel of Ripple Effect, EA’s Frostbite engine is rooted in development, and the FPS makes the most sense.

Electronic Arts also takes control medal of Honor Franchise is also a franchise Zampella is already working on as part of Respawn. React developed Medal of Honor: Above and Beyond For Oculus Rift VR Headset. Maybe Zampella is working with the Ripple Effect to help tie together medal of Honor projects. Or, maybe the Ripple Effect is working on another Respawn IP.

It may still take some time before official word of the Ripple Effect project is shared publicly. Nevertheless, for Battle field With fans hoping that Ripple Effect continues to work on similar projects, the future looks bright.

effectThe game is still in development.

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