Edgar Wright explains how Quentin Tarantino named Last Night in Soho

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Edgar Wright and Quentin Tarantino have a long shared history, famously popping up on the director’s commentary for the DVD release of Tarantino Wright’s comedy Hot Fuzz. Now, Wright has revealed that the Pulp Fiction filmmaker is responsible for the name of his latest film, Last Night in Soho.

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“In Death Proof, Quentin uses a Dave Dee, Doozy, Beeky, Mick & Titch song, ‘Hold Tight,'” Wright tells Total Flim in the latest issue of the magazine, which Features of Eternals on the cover.

“I was talking to him about that song and that band, and he said, ‘Have you ever heard ‘Last Night in Soho’?’ He played it for me, and he says, ‘This is the best title music for a movie that was never made.’


“I started collecting this playlist called ‘Soho’, which was 300 songs from the ’60s. I didn’t think what the name of the movie would be. Then for a long time it was called Red Light Area, but There was a movie called Red Lights with Cillian Murphy. And then I thought, ‘Okay, the movie is The Night Has a Thousand Eyes.’ And then I looked at IMDb, and there’s already a movie called Night That’s a thousand eyes. Damn it. So it was staring in my face as I heard this song, and I thought it was pretty cool: Last Night in Soho.

“Quentin was deep in Hollywood at Once Upon a Time, so I didn’t really have time to tell him. And then it was in the trades. I said, ‘Hey, did you hear what the name of my movie is?’ He said, ‘Yes, I read it.’ I said, ‘Are you angry with me?’ He goes, ‘You know what? Only you can make that film.’ I said, ‘Okay, I’m going to thank you at the end credits for giving me the song.’ He goes, ‘Okay, but I gotta be upset now. What I said about it is the best end-credits song for a movie that doesn’t exist, something like [writer, director, producer] Alison Anders used to say. So if you give credit to me, you have to give credit to that too.’

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“So on the thank you list, A to T, Allison Anders and Quentin Tarantino are the first and last people to be thanked. I haven’t told Allison Anders yet, so I’ll have to email her…”

Updates: After this story was first published online, Wright tweeted Total Film Latest information. “Since the interview I told Allison Anders that I had taken indirect inspiration from her through Quentin Tarantino and thanked her at the end,” he writes. “She was thrilled and sent me a 7-inch song. Which she loves. It’s on my mental piece.”

Last Night in Soho will play as a headline gala at the BFI London Film Festival on 9 October, before opening in theaters in the UK and US on 29 October.

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