EEK3 2021 was another treasure trove of indie horror games

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The folks behind the Haunted PS1 demo disc waited until October to bring us our second annual EEK3 Indie Horror Showcase, as Americans insist October is the scariest month. i mean, dutch call november slaughter month, which literally means slaughter month, but whatever. October is fine, I guess.

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EEK3 is an hour-plus trailer of trailers in the low-poly horror genre, hosted by Scully the Skeleton: a staring abomination with an inhuman rictus grin that isn’t quite like a typical E3 host. (Scully wears a hat.)

If an hour and 23 minutes of texture smudges and aliasing is a bit much for you, here are some of the highlights, which are pre-chewed and ready to be poured straight into your waiting peck. Open the whole


Sorry we’re Closed, a mysterious blast of clear-line fresh air in a show dominated by VHS fuzz and voxels (Trailer 45.24 . starts from) Michelle, the pink-jacketed hero with a mouth in his gun, lives in a demon world where some monsters look good enough. I don’t know what kind of game it is, but I want to play it. from 2022 trendy sports.

Hitflesh, Single player simulation of a haunted MMO server. The Virtual Archaeologist Foundation has resurrected a beloved classic MMO, but this particular fantasy world may have been left dead. demo is coming soon.

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heaven’s view, which is trying to get home at night in a city filled with two headed dogs, eyeball monsters, bird monsters, a whole variety of monsters actually. You have a mobile phone to solve puzzles, and I guess you can even call people on it. developed by hanging rabbitDemo on October 22nd.

necrofugitive, a fluid 2D action game where you are a shape-shifting farmer. In one form you have claws, in the other you are a slaying demon who can summon a small army of other demons and breathe fire. payable on Steam in 2022.

Sauna 2000, a folk-horror comedy about a Finnish holiday gone wrong. An early demo of Sauna 2000 was a highlight of the original Haunted PS1 demo disc, which appears to have you collect items to visit the sauna and then turn into a nightmare. It is very Finnish. new demo is coming soon.

future reality, a sci-fi racing game in the vein of Wipeout or Star Wars Episode 1: Racer, instead of flying through tunnels lit by stripes of neon arrows only occasionally you’re racing through the taverns of a toothy worm creature . Now This Pod is racing, which is in the most muscular and organic sense of the word ‘pod’.

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El Paso, Elsewhere, a third-person shooter whose bullet-time is set in a twisted motel that has expanded into the underworld. It’s basically Max Payne with the Vampire. and werewolves. on 2022 Steam.

Holosk 1999 3D, the first person in the post-Soviet Silent Hill. I mean, its website is, I’m not being glib. Of all the games in EEK3 with fog across the city, this was the one that stood out for me. It is set inside an endless city simulation, where you are supposed to live alone. And yet, in the distance of the draw, there are footprints. It’s coming Steam.

dead letter department, another entry for the typing game definitely got the weirdest list. You’ve got a job in data entry, typing letters that couldn’t be delivered for whatever reason. A classic, soul-destroying dead end job. Letters shouldn’t look like they’re written to you, right? coming to Steam.

pray to the great godsA 3D platformer with sword fighting, dodge rolls and horrifying occult compromises. based on pray to the mountain god, which was created for the haunted PS1 Summer of Screams game jam, but expanded significantly. Reasons on “when the gods will do this” Steam And

rutuzu, a secret puzzle-platformer like Another World or Flashback, only with more giant rat-people. You are the subject of a prison science experiment, and you have to reload after a lot of bloody deaths before you can escape.

derelicto, System Shock 2, an FPS for fans of Half-Life, and an Alien Resurrection game on PlayStation. When a giant creature is discovered floating in orbit around Saturn, a research outpost is built over its body, and this idyllic spot is where you’re headed. coming to

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