Egypt-based celebrity platform Minly acquires Dubai’s Oulo to consolidate its position in the GCC

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Minli, a MENA-based media and entertainment startup, today announced that it has acquired aulo, a Dubai-based celebrity shoutout platform, for an undisclosed fee.

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The acquisition is coming after six months Minli Raised a $3.6 million seed round on and off on the back of an impressive year of growth that saw the platform – which connects fans to athletes, musicians and stars through personal experiences – to acquire 130,000 users and 1,000 celebrities a year.

aulo, On the other hand, is a video gifting platform with over 300 celebrities in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Saudi Arabia, company Was established By Kamal Naza in 2020.


The merged business will operate under Minli Roll out your combined experience offerings in the brand and GCC realms. and as part of the transaction, Naza will include Minli as Chief Commercial Officer.

There are over 450 million people in the MENA region. One in three is between the ages of 18 and 30 – a group that has deep ties to social media and is increasingly contributing to the global maker economy., Minli MENA is optimizing its solutions to capture the budding audience in the region.

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When Minli CEO Mohamed Al-Shinawyu, spoke to Nerdshala in June, he mentioned that the company is working on building local celebrity acquisition teams in MENA and GCC. No one would have interpreted his statement as an extension rather than a literal takeover drama.,

“While Minly’s expansion into the GCC market was possible without Oulo, this acquisition has enough There our expansion accelerated,” said El-Shinavi when asked why the company acquired Oulu instead of expanding its own. “Our mission is to be the number one producer economy platform in the region, and market momentum is key to achieving this”,

He said the acquisition adds up to significant assets. Minli – Oulo’s roster of Tier-1 Pan-Arab Levantian stars, its strategic partnerships and the team that can support Minli The current team, both in the Levant and beyond.

,historically, most pan-Arab celebrities were either Egyptian or Lebanese. Therefore“The combination of forces reveals immense synergy; together, we dominate the two most important sources of cultural material,” said Naza.

Minli says that following the acquisition, the company’s primary objective is to expand its geographic reach by launching new supplement products, deepening its roster of stars, and expanding its presence in other MENA and Arabic-speaking countries.

“We are the clear choice for stars in the region who want to create unforgettable, authentic digital experiences with fans, This acquisition will widen the gap, as the Ouolo team shares the same mission and passion.”

The Minli-Olo deal is the second major acquisition between an African and GCC-based startup this year, A month ago, Qatar-based doctor booking startup, Medi was acquired by Nigerian health tech startup Helium Health in an undisclosed deal, adding Medi services to its parent company’s digital healthcare ecosystem.

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