Overwork and burnout are recurring problems in the AAA games industry. Still, it’s rare to see big developers taking enough steps to tackle these issues. Therefore, it is pleasant to see that Eidos Montreal Crunch culture appears to be one of the few concrete steps to take to prevent overwork.

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Developers of Deus Ex: Human Revolution and next Guardians of the Galaxy The game announced its transition to a four-day workweek. The change applies to both the Montreal studio and its support studio Eidos-Sherbrooke.


Studio head David Anfosi announced the change in a recent blog post on the company’s website. He explained that a team is currently working on transition plans to adopt a shorter schedule that will be implemented over the next few weeks. After which, Eidos Montreal and Eidos-Sherbrooke studios will operate from Monday to Thursday only. This reduces the total workweek from 40 hours to just 32. However, Anfosi noted that this change is not intended to compress the same amount of work into a shorter period. He also claims that the reduced hours will not affect the salaries of studio employees.

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Eidos Montreal Office

According to Anfossi, Eidos Montreal will rethink how the studio manages time and workflow. He hopes to increase productivity by focusing on quality of work over quantity. He specifically cited the halving of the time studio staff spent in meetings. To accomplish this, Anfosi says the studio will strive to create an environment where each team can define clear parameters for success and managing deadlines. He also specifically cited the changes introduced by remote work as the impetus for the studio’s decision. However, it is not clear whether the company will include remote work in its future plans.

Anfosi expects these changes to contribute to a healthier work environment and lower employee turnover. The latter of which poses a serious problem for some game developers. an extreme example would be skull and Bones Developer Ubisoft Singapore, which has shed the blood of talented employees at an alarming rate.

Eidos Montreal, on the other hand, isn’t the first or only game developer to transition to a four-day work week. bugsnacks Developer Young Horse recently adopted a similar policy. However, Young Horse is a fairly small company, which probably made the transition easier. During this, Eidos Montreal Is the first AAA developer to transition to a 32-hour workweek. While many studio employees are undoubtedly happy with the decision, only time will tell whether other major studios follow suit.

Source: Eidos Montreal

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