Elden Ring fan estimates we’ve seen just 13% of the map so far

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An Elden Ring player estimates that we have seen about 13% of the total in-game map.

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This guess comes from a post on the Elden Ring subreddit, which you can check out for yourself below. In the post, a keen fan of FromSoftware’s new venture has managed to work out a rough shape of a closed network test map, and then contrast it with the total map area seen in the Elden Ring to date.


In theory, according to this user, we’ve only seen about 13% of Elden Ring’s maps so far. Additionally, it is only compared to map areas that we actually know, so it stands to reason that the estimation actually falls short when we take into account the map areas of the Elden Ring that we have yet to uncover. Do not keep

In short, the Elden Ring map is looking absolutely gorgeous. This is understandable, given that 2021 saw vast grounds in closed network testing late last year in which players could roam with a flashy horse, tethering cliff faces and leaping over beaches with ease could.

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That’s only good for the rest of the Elden Ring, though. So far, what we’ve seen of The Lands Between has been limited to fields and forests in both preview footage and closed network testing, so it’s a positive sign that we have a lot of hidden areas when FromSoftware’s What’s left to find out is the new game launching next month on February 18th.

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