elden ring The February 24th release date is less than two months away, and anticipation seems to be peaking. Listening to From Software’s online fans of the game, one might think elden ring The most anticipated game of 2022. But the truth appears to be, or at least, that the software fans are just vocal. As proof, Steam is featured on its most wish-listed upcoming games list. Dying Light 2 top for a while. However, now that has changed elden ring getting the top position.

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For the first time till January 8, elden ring Now the most wish-listed upcoming game on Steam. Valve provides a list of the most wish-listed upcoming games to be released on Steam, now showing elden ring at top. Unfortunately, Valve does not provide hard data on wishlisting numbers, so it can be assumed that elden ringexceeded the number of Dying Light 2 whole night.


This is an exciting change, if only because elden ring Never been at the top of this list. Top spot is organized by Dying Light 2 for the entirety of 2021, a position that it gained only after the release of cyberpunk 2077 in December 2020. This does not mean that enthusiasm Dying Light 2 Either way has faded, but that means enthusiasm elden ring Getting ready to launch.

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elden ring 2 on dying light

While Valve doesn’t publish an exact number of wishlists for each upcoming game, SteamDB has a similar list. It doesn’t seem to match up exactly with the valve’s placement, but it seems close. According to these numbers, elden ring Has seen rapid growth over the past several days and has received around 10,000 wishlists in the past week. Dying Light 2, in comparison, has received around 3,000 wish-lists. in totality, elden ring There are 273,000 wish lists and Dying Light 2 is 251,000.

What could be the reason for the rapid growth in wish list for elden ring On Steam, it’s anyone’s guess. Software has been in the news to some extent, but not in a large capacity. Still, there is news that From Software is working on a new armored corps game, as well as new elden ring leaks all around. Both could have contributed to the spike.

What the chances are, however, is a simple matter. People are looking forward to the first wave of big game releases of 2022, and elden ring Especially highly anticipated. That excitement is likely to build up by the time it launches on Steam and elsewhere.

elden ring It will release on February 25 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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