elden ringThere’s less than two months left for its launch, and the attention of software fans is on February 25. Amazingly, with the game so close to release, there are leaks about its story and content being shared online. Whereas most of the . are interested in elden ring To avoid these leaks properly so as not to spoil the game, there are some leaked features that are worth a look. For example, a video shows elden ringof character customization system, or at least a broken version of it.

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Software has a long history of strong character creation systems from games. These systems haven’t always been particularly effective or particularly impressive, but they have completely allowed spirits Players to create a unique character to suit the temperament of the player. I stay like this elden ring, maybe more than ever. Not only have the players’ character models, hair and facial quality been improved in terms of fidelity, but the range of options at players’ fingertips have been expanded in some interesting new ways.


To start, the leaker explores some common character creation settings. These include selecting the player’s gender as well as their starting class, which includes examples of armor and weapons. In addition, players seem to be able to adjust certain body type settings and ages, such as the previous spirits The game also has several preset options for pre-made characters, some of which are unique in exciting ways.

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From there, the leaker jumps into the settings for the character’s face and hair. To start, they examine the pre-made faces, all of which appear to be very well done. Hair, too, is a massive improvement compared to spirits Games’ Wiary alternatives of the past decade. There are also a good number of scars, bruises, beauty marks and colors that can be used as well. Leaker also gets into more physical transformations of the face, at which point they create a monstrous human being like only software character creators can produce.

another element of elden ringWorth mentioning is the character builder with more specific body transformations available. Players can now use the slider to choose a skin color instead of the more natural presets. The arms, legs, torso and other areas of the body can also be resized with the slider. There are also other color options for different areas of the body.

The disappointing thing about the video is that it’s not perfect. All the labels are missing and many of the options don’t have all the textures they need. The options shown, at least, present a much stronger and visually improved character creation system for elden ring one who sums up dark souls 3Correction for shame.

elden ring It will release on February 25 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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