Elodie Games obtains $32.5M round to make social co-op gaming better

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During the darkest hours of the pandemic, millions of people turned to online gaming as a way to spend time in lockdown and connect with friends they couldn’t see in person. but a social, cooperative, fun And Cross-platform gaming experiences are remarkably hard to find – and Elodie Games is here to change that.

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Elodie’s co-founders, Christina Norman and David Banks, are gaming industry vets who worked at Riot Games on the global hit League of Legends. The pair – also partners – left in 2019 to form their own company, announcing their intention in 2020 to make games that focus on co-op, crossplay and “endlessly engaging experiences” that are more open-ended. , suggests sandbox play.

The team is already numbering 30 (and they’re hiring), and the game they’re working on is still a mystery; The images on its site are general views only, nothing from development. But what they showed behind closed doors was apparently enough to secure a $32.5 million Series A and A16z from Galaxy Interactive, also participating in Patreon’s Brian Cho and Electric Ant’s Chris Ovitz. The company last raised $5M in 2020 to get the ball rolling and clearly they have put that money to good use.


Norman explained that the main idea is to remove the obstacles that many gamers consider to be inevitable.

“At the simplest level, we are designing our game so that players can have these great experiences more easily and more often,” she told Nerdshala. “It starts with removing the friction that keeps you from playing with friends. Most social multiplayer gamers are divided by platform, time investment, purchases, or skills in a way that you can play with and How can you play with them. While there are examples of how to overcome these limits individually (for example there are some great things being done between us) progress here overall has been slow and we’re going to do it. Excited to accelerate.”

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Certainly I can personally speak of the slightest friction stopping a nascent play session in its tracks because one person had to update their app or OS, or another to load the lobby. An Android-iOS conflict emerged, and soon after. We played bad games with built in video chat apps just because they worked every time. Yet it depended on the spirit of the gathering, and being able to collectively decide what feels like fun is another facet of Elodie ambition.

Making games cross-platform isn’t as difficult as it used to be thanks to shared architectures like Unreal and Unity, but it’s still no cake walk.

“Of course, modern engine technology goes a long way in making cross-play possible, but it doesn’t make it fun. Traditional approaches to cross-platform development are slow, expensive, and repetitive,” Banks said. “That’s why we’ve been building on Elodie’s development practices to achieve exceptional cross-play and focus on what we call a true cross-play experience from day one.”

“True” cross-play is, one guess, a step up from the primary “Xbox players can play with PC players”, where the game is actually equally desirable to play on the platform. Whether this can actually be achieved is debatable, but the proof of the pudding is in the taste, so we’ll find out when Elodie ups its game in the woods.

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