What happened now? Newly unearthed court documents have revealed that Elon Musk had twins last year with a top executive at his artificial intelligence startup Neuralink, bringing the number of known children born to the world’s richest man to nine.

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documents seen insiderreveal that Musk, 51, and Siobhan Zilis, 36, launched a petition in April to change the twins’ names to “have their father’s last name and include their mother’s last name as part of their middle name.”

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Zilis reportedly gave birth in Austin, Texas in November 2021, weeks before Musk and singer Claire Boucher, better known as Grimes, had their second child by surrogate mother. This means that Musk has nine children with three different women – he has five children with ex-wife Justine Weale.

The CEO has long been a proponent of increasing the global birth rate, warning that it has been below the minimum sustainable level in the US for about 50 years, which could lead to the collapse of civilization. “I mean, I’m doing my part haha,” he recently tweeted.

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Born in Markham, Ontario, Zilis is listed on her LinkedIn page as Director of Operations and Special Projects at Neuralink, formerly of IBM and Bloomberg Beta venture fund. She is also on the board of directors of artificial intelligence company OpenAI, co-founded by Musk, and was on the Forbes 30 Under 30 list in 2015 in the venture capital category. to launch Twitter after its acquisition, if it ever ends.

Earlier this year, one of Musk’s children petitioned to change his name and obtain a new birth certificate, stating that “I no longer live and do not want to be related to my biological father in any way whatsoever.”

Neither Musk nor Zilis have commented on this story.