Emma vs Nectar: Which mattress deal should you buy this Black Friday?

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If you’ve been eyeing Emma Originals and Nectar Memory Foam Mattresses, now’s the time to buy as both brands offer massive 45% off Black Friday mattress deals. But when the offers are similar, how do you choose among them? Our handy Emma vs Nectar comparison will help.

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Emma and Nectar make some great mattresses for the money, with the Emma being slightly cheaper than the Original Nectar Memory Foam Mattress. But that doesn’t mean the Emma is automatically the right bed for you, as both boxed memory foam mattresses have their advantages and disadvantages.

In our Emma vs Nectar face-off, we look at how they compare in terms of performance, support, comfort, and price. Till date, Emma Original is down to $389.40 £274.50 in the US and UK, while Nectar Memory Foam Fall $499 . It is done US in and £312.95 in the UK, so there isn’t much price difference between them now. Here’s how to pick the right deal for you before the sale ends…

Emma Originals: Save up to 45% at Emma

Emma Originals: Save up to 45% at Emma

The exact savings you’ll get on an Emma Original mattress depends on where you live. You’ll save 40% on mattresses in the US (use code BLACKFRIDAY40), with a queen that comes down to $659. That’s 45% off the original in the UK, and doubled down to £384.45. That’s a great price for a great memory foam mattress for all sleepers.

Nectar Memory Foam: Nectar . Save up to 45% on
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Nectar Memory Foam: Nectar . Save up to 45% on

Like the Emma Original deal above, your Nectar savings depend on the country you live in. In the US you can save $100 off a memory foam mattress and get a free gift up to $399. While you won’t get a free bed, the 45% off money off discount in the UK is huge. The Nectar is great value for money and the offers are unbeatable.

Emma vs. Nectar Mattresses: Pros and Cons

We don’t blame you when it comes to the Emma Original vs. Nectar Memory Foam Mattress, as both models are great value for money and offer high levels of comfort, support, and pressure relief.

Here are some fast pros and cons for each mattress if you’re in a hurry and want to buy one now:

Emma Original Pros:

  • One of the best cheap top-rated mattresses this Black Friday – a great price
  • Comfortable for every sleeping position, especially side sleepers
  • Fantastic level of pressure relief and sedating effect
  • Higher level of motion isolation compared to Nectar
  • Excellent cushioning for hips, back and shoulders
  • Fast setup – ready to sleep in minutes

Emma Original Cons:

  • Edge support is weak
  • Keeps more heat than nectar, so warm sleepers, take note
  • Nectar. Like no one gets a free bed

Elixir Memory Foam Mattress Pros:

  • Great value, especially with free gifts up to $399
  • Excellent pressure relief in back and hips
  • Supports all sleeping positions and a range of body weights
  • Good motion isolation (suits for joints and restless sleepers)
  • Slightly stronger, more supportive feel than Emma
  • Edge support is a bit better, but not much

Nectar Memory Foam Mattress Cons:

  • not as soft or pleasant as emma
  • Strong off-gassing odor during unboxing
  • Nectar recommends waiting 72 hours before sleeping on this

Emma vs. Nectar Mattresses: Prices and Deals

The Emma Original and Nectar memory foam mattresses are both competitively priced, providing excellent value for money. Thanks to the Nectar Black Friday Mattress sale, memory foam mattress prices now start at $499 for a twin and go up to $1,099 for a Cal King.

The exact savings you’ll get on Nectar depends on where you live. If you’re in the US, you’ll get $100 off and up to $399 free bedding: two cooling pillows (up to $150), a sheet set (priced up to $150), and mattress protectors (priced up to $99) When living in the U.S., you’ll save 45% on the Nectar Mattress.

Emma’s Black Friday Mattress Sale tells a similar story. You can save 40% on the All-Foam Original Mattress in the US, with a queen size now costing $779.40. The starting price has been reduced to $389.40 for the twin size. In the UK, you can save 45% on the original, with a double size coming in at just £384.55.

Let’s break these savings down further…

Emma Vs Nectar Black Friday Price Comparison

emma original

  • Twins: Now $389.40 (Was $649) – SAVE $259.60
  • Twin XL: Now $419.40 (Was $699) – SAVE $279.60
  • Completed: Now $539.40 (Was $899) – SAVE $359.60
  • Queen: Now $659 (was $1,099) – SAVE $440
  • King: Now $779.40 (was $1,299) – SAVE $519.60
  • Cal King: Now $779 (was $1,299) – SAVE $520

elixir memory foam

  • Twins: Now $499 (was $499) + Free Gifts worth $299 – SAVE $299
  • Twin XL: Now $569 (Was $669) + Free Gifts of $299 – SAVE $399
  • Completed: Now $699 (was $799) + Free Gifts of $399 – SAVE $499
  • Queen: Now $799 (was $899) + Free Gifts of $399 – SAVE $499
  • King: Now $1,099 (was $1,199) + FREE gifts of $399 – SAVE $499
  • Nectar: ​​Now $1,099 (was $1,199) + FREE gifts of $399 – SAVE $499

Emma vs. Nectar Mattress: Design, Materials

NS emma original With three zones across the mattress, there’s a comfortable option for all sleeping positions. There is strong support for the central part of the body, and a soft feel on the head and legs to keep the spine aligned and provide relief from pressure. The mattress features minimal motion transfer and prominently features Emma’s soft and breathable Airgocel foam for climate and moisture-regulation.

The cover is made with polyester (mixed with 1% elastane on top and 13% polypropylene on the bottom). And the top half of the cover can be removed and washed – just unzip it and wash it at 104°F. Alternatively you can clean small stains with warm water and a gentle detergent.

NS Elixir Memory Foam Mattress There’s a quilted cover that’s made with a soft, breathable poly-blend cover that dissipates heat with cooling technology. It can’t be washed, only spot cleaned, and Nectar says on its website that removing the cover will void the warranty, and recommends using a mattress protector with the mattress.

Underneath the Nectar’s cover are three inches of gel memory foam for comfort and plushness, as well as contour and pressure relief. The bottom layer features dynamically adjusting foam that provides plenty of body support on top of a sturdy base layer.

Emma vs. Nectar Mattresses: Comfort, Support

with moderate persistence of 5-6 (out of 10), emma original Suitable for most sleepers and sleeping positions. It is composed of breathable foam, with a focus on comfort, spinal alignment and minimal motion transfer. It claims to be ‘ergonomically efficient’ with over 100 assist points to put your body in the best position to sleep, while the adaptable foam conforms to your posture, no matter what your sleeping position .

NS elixir memory foam is rated 6 (out of 10), and provides just the right amount of support to relieve pressure points and align the spine for more restful sleep. If you sleep hot, Nectar’s cooling technology provides welcome relief with toxin-free Sertipur-US certified foam that guarantees healthy sleep.

Both mattresses offer exceptional comfort, but if you sleep warm or need something that’s just a touch sturdier, the Nectar is a great option. The Emma offers a lot of pressure point relief and a slightly more plush surface and body hug.

Emma vs Nectar Mattress: Which One Should You Buy?

The Emma Original and Nectar Memory Foam are both excellent value for money and affordable options if you’re looking to snap up a high-quality memory foam mattress for less. We haven’t seen major discounts on any mattresses this year, so now is the best time to buy.

With 45% off, Emma’s is the most affordable option but only by a small margin. Most of Nectar’s savings come in the form of free bedding, with just $100 off the mattress, so it depends on how useful that free gift is to you or you’re just looking for the biggest amount of money at a discount.

If that’s the case and you want the cheapest top-rated mattress, choose the Emma Original. However, if you need new sheets, pillows and mattress protectors, choose Elixir. Either aren’t great options for a lot of money, and with generous mattress trial periods from both brands, you’ll have plenty of time to test-drive your new mattress.

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