beta for Battlefield 2042 The beta has been a rocky experience for many of those who tried it. Players got a lot to enjoy, but also a lot to complain about, including a UI that DICE says will be changed before the final product is released.

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Still, there are certainly many new toys for players to get excited about. Battlefield 2042 Because of its futuristic setting, but some things about the series remain unchanged. It includes the hilariously unbalanced relationship between foot soldiers and vehicles, as perfectly demonstrated by a Reddit user who took a plane for a literal spin.


Players have a lot to deal with Battlefield 2042open beta. There’s the general chaos of massive numbers of players fighting each other, as well as huge destructible maps, and bugs so prevalent that they’ve been added. Battlefield 2042Beta Trailer of. But for a player who got a jet, the fun was as old-fashioned as it gets. After destroying an enemy plane, another player parachuted onto the top of the jet and tried to shoot the pilot. A quick half turn solved the problem fast.

Parachuting enemy lands on my airplane and tries to shoot me From

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Moments like this are a draw for many Battlefield player, much more than in regular gameplay. At this point the developers have no doubts about the fact, if the game’s first trailer showing a car used to fly a helicopter is anything to go by. It’s almost a pity that simple logic turned a terrifying moment into a hilarious moment, but then again, it was still a lot of fun. While hackers attacked Battlefield 2042 With beta making it harder for some players to survive long enough to experience things like this, sap0ten is certainly glad they have “Battlefield Moment.”

Whether the other player who attempted the kidnapping has seen the video is unknown, as are their feelings about it. It’s pretty much academic at this point, as long as the match was fun for the people involved. Undoubtedly this would have been the right time to take the oath, if it hadn’t been so. Battlefield 2042Hate the profanity filter.

Hopeful, these moments become the norm Battlefield 2042, because it means an active, engaged and creative player community. For that to happen, the game will definitely need some TLC in its lifetime. bots shooting dead players may not be ideal, or Battlefield 2042The lifetime of the player would probably be as short as the lifetime of the player who was attempting to hijack the jet.

Battlefield 2042 Will release on November 19, 2021 for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

battlefield 2042 soldier gas mask
Battlefield 2042 fans aren’t happy about profanity filter

Some Battlefield 2042 fans express concerns about the game’s profanity filter, which will always be on and there will be no option to turn it off.

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