Engage with aerospace companies at TC Sessions: Space 2021

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We are almost ready to begin the launch sequence for TC Sessions: Space 2021, which will fly on December 14-15. This is a global space conference exceptional and as such, you will find aerospace companies both on stage and in the audience. This is an other-worldly networking opportunity that you don’t want to miss.

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Time Sensitive Pricing: If you don’t have a pass yet, this should get you in the festive mood. buy your pass before this Sunday, Nov 28 at 11:59 pm (PT), and you only pay $20—and save $95. Talk about a galactic deal.

In addition to the aerospace companies highlighted below, you’ll find Boeing and Northrop Grumman well represented among attendees. That is why Crunchmatch, our AI-powered networking platform, exists. It makes finding people and companies that align with your business goals, efficient and simple. Crunchmatch will find them – it’s up to you to impress them.


Let’s take a look at what The Aerospace Corporation, Lockheed Martin Space and Maxar Technologies will bring to the conference. See the rest of the programming on the event’s agenda.

Don’t miss to check out these two breakout sessions presented by Aerospace Corporation,

  • University Showcase: New Frontiers in Space Exploration — from OSAM to xGEO What’s next for on-orbit servicing, assembly and manufacturing (OSAM) and orbital debris cleanup as small spacecraft move beyond Earth orbit and into the Geostationary Satellite Belt (xGEO) open space (cis-lunar space) and the lunar surface But only go. , We are showing the University Trail Blazer in Space Exploration – Dr. Jonathan Black (Virginia Tech), Professor Kathleen C. Howell (Purdue University) and Dr. Moriba Jah (University of Texas at Austin). Learn about technologies and meet people working on projects to find out what’s next and how you can participate.
  • Secure space by speed The demand signal is clear: the US government needs to encourage innovative commercial capabilities to excel in the increasingly competitive space domain. Hear directly from leaders – including Steve Isakovitz (Aerospace Corporation) and Pete Muend (National Reconnaissance Office) – about the opportunities that are driving government-business collaboration and helping usher in the next era of achievement in space.
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lockheed martin space Will be in Virtual House for this joint panel discussion.

Robots, Meet Regolith: A New Generation of Lunar Landers and Rovers —The Moon is back on the menu, along with Artemis and a dozen other missions. Lisa Callahan (Lockheed Martin Space), Sean Mahoney (Masten Space Systems) and Takahiro Nakamura (iSpace) will talk about building a new generation of robotic explorers and surveyors to roam its surface. Plus, you’ll hear how they design for the Moon’s unforgiving surface and what robots can do to help prepare for human arrival.

Make time in your schedule for this presentation Maxar Technologies,

Empowering and protecting in-space operations As investments in space skyrocket, many companies are also thinking about security and stability. Lucy Kondakchian (Maxor), Daniel Ceperly (LeoLabs) and Nobu Okada (Astroscale) discuss the advances needed in robotics, tracking and spacecraft design to protect and extend the lives and capabilities of key installations in orbit.

TC Session: Space 2021 takes place on December 14-15. Buy your pass and get ready to fly with the world’s leading aerospace companies.

Is your company interested in sponsoring or exhibiting TC Sessions: Space 2021? Contact our sponsorship sales team by filling this form,

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