Since its release in 2014, USB-C connections have become a common feature used by many different devices. Used for charging and transferring data, these connectors are often used by many people. With USB-C becoming the standard connection type for many devices, many are upset by the absence of this feature from Apple. iphone. Recently, a simple iPhone user decided to come up with a solution to fix this problem.

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Ken Pilonel is a robotics engineering student at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology. When not working on projects for the university, such as designing a 3D printed mod for the Galaxy Fold to support the Xiaomi Mi Wireless Car Chargers, he is looking for a way to add USB-C functionality to iPhones. His mission to make USB-C ports for iPhones began with a prototype he designed last May. This prototype which included an iPhone battery was a step in the right direction as it provided USB-C charging, a feature that was not present on Apple products. However, this first attempt could not fit inside the iPhone due to the size of the PCB board.


Still, Pilonel never gave up on his goal, and after months of work on the problem, he managed to create a modded iPhone that supported USB-C connections through a single port. After reducing the size, this new attempt at USB-C support fitted inside the iPhone 10. Apart from charging the iPhone battery, the engineering student claimed that this modified iPhone supports data transfer via USB-C cable. To make this support possible, they had to create a new PCB design. According to the manufacturer, they made this new PCB through reverse-engineering Apple’s C94 connector.

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The maker of the modified iPhone shared a video on YouTube showing off the build. While the video was short, Pilonel plans to release a comprehensive video explaining how it modified the iPhone to support USB-C. However, he did not reveal whether he plans to reveal the details behind his custom PCB.

The reveal of this modified iPhone 10 comes at an unusual time for Apple. Recently, the European Commission announced plans for tech companies like Apple to support USB-C charging on their devices. It will be interesting to see if Apple decides to implement the USB-C charging solution found on Pilonal’s revamped iPhones or if the company chooses to focus on wireless charging for new versions of the iPhone.

In addition to this new USB-C modded iPhone, Apple hosted an event last month showcasing a slew of new products coming to consumers. Among the revelations was the iPhone 13. Some of the features of this new version include increased battery life, better camera and better processing power. In addition, the event launched the Apple Watch 7.

Source: IGN, ledge

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