Battlefield 2042 Still a controversial topic for gamers. Since its release in November 2021, DICE’s latest action shooter has faced several waves of criticism from fans. However, Battlefield 2042 still have one Battle field The title, which means it has the potential to pull off some crazy and skillful plays for the players.

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From kicking out one jet to shooting another jet out of the sky with a rocket launcher, to hitting headshots with a sniper from long range, Battle field There is a series which is known for allowing the players to create some memorable moments. In “Battle field moments,” was used in many Battlefield 2042’s The promotion is the newest opportunity for players to create their own special moments with the latest game. Despite the bugs and glitches still prevalent within the game, a Battlefield 2042 The player has managed to create his own “Battle field moment” with a rocket launcher and some impressive skills.


The player posted a video on Reddit fighting snipers Battlefield 2042, However, instead of fighting fire with fire, the player opted for sniper fighting with a rocket launcher, creating a seriously impressive compilation of killing snipers with rockets from hundreds of meters away. Something That Can Create Quiet Moments When Snipping Battle field, such as a player who hit an enemy from more than 2000 meters away Battlefield 2042. However, some players in the game find sniping a nuisance, and often look for interesting ways to “countersnipe”.

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The Reddit post that featured the player flying snipers quickly garnered attention Battle field fans, and it looks like the player isn’t the only one who enjoys flying snipers with Rocket Launcher. One commenter detailed its history with destroying snipers with rocket launchers, stating that “the M5 is the latest in a long line of my battlefield “sniper rifles.” The SMAW in the BF4, the rocket gun in the BF1 and the BFV Panzerfaust My best weapon is always an SMG, my other way around is a rocket launcher.” Despite commenters sharing the fun of blowing up snipers, it seems Battlefield 2042 is struggling to produce enough of these fun moments to keep players interested in the game, as reported last month. battlefield v more current players Battlefield 2042 on steam.

Even with players enjoying incredible dramas and funny moments, the negativity still lingers around Battlefield 2042, The game’s subreddit was facing closure due to toxicity, and a parody game called Clownfield 2042 making fun of the disastrous launch of Battlefield 2042, Whether anything will save the game’s reputation is unknown, though EA is unlikely to drop it just yet.

Battlefield 2042 Available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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