Army of the Dead 2 is happening – but not any time soon

Legion of the Dead 2 is reportedly coming to Netflix — but fans of Zack Snyder’s zombie heist film will have to wait a while for the sequel to arrive.

On Wednesday, July 21, an exclusive for The Hollywood Reporter revealed that Snyder’s Stone Quarry Productions company had signed a first-look film deal with Netflix.

The article focused on a total two-year deal between Snyder and the streaming giant, but in the blink of an eye, THR alleged that — after much speculation following the release of the first film — Army of the Dead 2 is in works.

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As THR reports, Snyder is joining forces with Dead Head writer Shay Hatton to develop a sequel to one of Netflix’s most-watched original films of all time (per Deadline).

However, the Army of the Dead sequel is not expected to arrive in the next 12 months.

Snyder is currently working on another original film for Netflix called Rebel Moon—a film based on a failed Star Wars idea that Snyder pitched to Lucasfilm and Disney—which will be in this first-ever collaboration with the streamer. Look will be his first project for Netflix since signing the deal. .

There’s also an Army of the Dead spin-off movie, titled Army of Thieves, slated to release on Netflix later this year, however, Snyder fans Tax There is another setback to look forward to before the end of 2021.

An animated Army of the Dead prequel series, titled Lost Vegas, is currently in production for the streaming giant, slated to launch in 2022.

Analysis: Zack Snyder’s partnership with Netflix seems perfect

It should come as no surprise that Snyder and his wife Deborah have signed a two-year deal with Netflix.

The pair have spoken about their partnership with the streaming giant, and in particular their partnership with Scott Stuber, the head of Netflix’s movie division, since they began collaborating on Army of the Dead.

In contrast, Zack Snyder has become increasingly vocal about his working relationship with Warner Bros., particularly in the wake of the March release of his director’s cut of Justice League.

The duo’s relationship with Netflix seems to have given them a lot of creative freedom — something that Deborah Snyder did to sign a first-look deal with the company.

“For us, it was very important to find a partnership based on mutual respect,” she told THR. “The creative process works best when everyone trusts each other and you can take chances and be creative. For us, we don’t usually play it safe. The content we create gets a little too fast. And I think it’s important to have a good partnership and listen to each other.

“And Netflix has given us a lot of freedom. But they have also embraced the idea of ​​trying new things and don’t necessarily wait for success before moving on. “

With Army of Thieves set to arrive on Netflix in 2021, and with three other projects currently in the works for the streamer, Snyders believes in Netflix and vice versa — and that can only be a good thing for his passionate fanbase. is.

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