Disney Plus Bundle: what is it, how to get it and what can you watch?

As Disney Plus introduces more new titles and features to its repertoire, it’s fair to say that it primarily branches out at the younger demographic. That said, unless you have kids in the house, or are a self-confessed Disney fanatic, the House of Mouse streaming platform may not appeal. However, with the Disney Plus bundle — available only to US customers — you can subscribe to three streaming platforms at once, adding sports coverage and more mature titles in one easy subscription.

As well as titles from classic Disney Animation Vault and Pixar films, Disney Plus also features hit songs from the Disney Channel old days, as well as 31 seasons of The Simpsons and documentaries from National Geographic.

Even with Disney Plus original content and such, however, what felt like a huge hole in the Disney Plus library. While the pricing of Disney Plus broadcasts on the more affordable side of average streaming service rates, it still feels like a lot for a platform that adults, especially, don’t find themselves flicking.

However, with the Disney Plus bundle, which includes subscriptions to ESPN Plus and Hulu as well as Disney Plus, Disney Plus immediately becomes a streaming service for the whole family to enjoy.

Curious? Keep reading to learn more about the Disney Plus bundle and what you can watch on these three platforms when you can sign up for an exceptionally affordable package packed full of amazing TV shows and movies.

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What is the Disney Plus Bundle?

As mentioned earlier, the Disney Plus bundle brings together Disney Plus, ESPN Plus, and Hulu under one monthly payment. This means, priced at just $13.99 per month, US customers can enjoy all three platforms for one great value price.

Broken down, the price of Disney Plus alone $7.99 per monthComes to ESPN Plus $5.99 per month, while Hulu starts with $5.99 per month with ads or $11.99 without ads.

After subscribing separately, you’ll be looking at a cost of $19.88 per month, or $25.97 if you choose Hulu without ads.

Disney Plus bundle costs $13.99, Hulu without ads package costs $19.99 per month.

It’s an extraordinary Disney Plus deal—and if you’re considering signing up, why not take the big step or go home and Sign up for the Disney Plus bundle for just $13.99 per month?

What can I watch on Disney Plus?

Want to step into the realm of fairy tales, magic, and childhood nostalgia? Disney Plus has you covered with its library of Disney classics — and then some. On top of the above Disney and Pixar throwback titles, Disney Plus is the exclusive home of several Disney Plus Originals as well as the Broadway hit, Hamilton. Don’t forget that this is your one-stop-shop for everything from Marvel, Star Wars and of course The Simpsons.

As with all 31 seasons of The Simpsons, you’ll also be able to watch Marvel movies, as well as a place to watch Loki and other new Marvel spin-offs. The same goes for Star Wars, the only place you can binge The Mandalorian online.

You’ll also find documentaries from National Geographic, including The World in Jeff Goldberg and Apollo: Mission to the Moon.

Then there’s Disney Plus Premiere Access, which gives you front seats to new Disney releases, giving you the ability to be one of the first to watch Black Widow. If that’s not enough of an incentive, some new Walt Disney Pictures movies are going straight to Disney Plus at no extra cost. When you hit the stage in June 2021, you could watch Pixar’s latest feature-length film Lucca, without paying the premiere access fee.

Young or old, it’s fair to say that nothing hits the heart quite like a movie straight from Disney and the Pixar machine, making this the platform exclusively for Disney fans.

Disney Plus Bundle: What Can I Watch on ESPN Plus?

If there’s one obvious aspect of entertainment missing from Disney Plus’ roster, the answer is probably sports. Thankfully, with the Disney Plus bundle, the inclusion of ESPN Plus caters for sports viewers.

Along with a host of live sports including UFC live streams (with access to exclusive PPV events), the NHL, college basketball and the Emirates FA Cup, ESPN Plus also has its own original TV shows and movies for the streaming platform. From Peyton’s Places with Peyton Manning to Stephen A’s World with Stephen A. Smith, these ESPN+ originals provide insight into major sports personalities and their craft for their chosen sport.

ESPN Plus subscribers will get full access to the 30 for 30 library, a catalog of content known for revolutionary sports documentaries. This includes the likes of The Infinite Race, which is about an indigenous community in Mexico called the Tarahumara that kickstarted the barefoot ultrarunning craze, now ravaged by drug cartels. Be Water follows Bruce Lee’s struggle with identity as a martial artist and actor, divided between Hong Kong and Hollywood.

If you live and breathe sports—especially those featured on ESPN Plus—it’s definitely worth signing up for. Better still, with the Disney Plus bundle, You can enjoy three streaming platforms at a low rate, with entertainment for the whole family to enjoy.

What Can I Watch on Hulu With the Disney Plus Bundle?

TV shows and movies with Disney Plus may be sorted for the younger audience in your household, but what if you want to settle down and do something with a higher age rating that seems a bit much… You know… adults. Hulu has you covered with tons of great, compelling titles.

All four seasons are now available to stream, from Little Fires Everywhere starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, putting class, race and privilege under the microscope, to the gritty, eye-opening adaptation of Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s Tale .

Hulu is also home to great movies, including last year’s Best Picture, the Academy Award winner for Parasite, and this year’s nominee The United States vs. Billie Holiday.

There are titles for kids too if you’re celebrating a non-Disney day. Included in the Disney Plus bundle as a part of the $13.99 package, you can also get Hulu with no ads in the package for $19.99 — still excellent value for money when you consider the quality of these three streaming services. Cost will be purchased separately.

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