While Disney Plus may not have nearly the amount of content you get with Netflix, a surprising number of people Really giving up the established king of streaming for Disney’s new service. As of 2019, Disney actually worked with Netflix, giving the company the rights to stream a selection of its recent movies. Disney also launched a number of original shows on Netflix, including several Marvel TV series that are still available for streaming on Netflix.

That era is over. The team behind Disney Plus hopes that its library of deeply family-friendly content will turn many people away from Netflix. In addition, Disney Plus has a short range of original shows and movies. Including the Star Wars action series The Mandalorian. There’s even more content coming to the service, including new Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar based shows.

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So in the battle between Disney Plus vs Netflix, which one should you choose if you only have to subscribe to one? We’ll give you our opinion, but ultimately it’s up to you to decide which service will be streamed to your set-top box, smartphone, tablet, game console or smart TV.

Disney Plus vs. Netflix: Price

Disney Plus currently costs $7.99 per month. Disney is also offering an annual subscription that costs $79.99 per year. There’s also a bundle deal that allows buyers to get Disney Plus, Hulu (with ads), and ESPN Plus for $13.99 per month. This reduces the cost of an individual Disney Plus subscription to $4.33 per month. You can get the same bundle, but with no ads, on Hulu for $19.99 per month. Lastly, Verizon Wireless Unlimited customers can get either six months or one year of Disney Plus for free. This offer is for Verizon’s Fios and 5G home internet subscribers.

Netflix is ​​more expensive. It has a minimum price level of $8.99 per month for most regions, which supports a concurrent stream and 480p video resolution. The second tier costs $13.99 per month with two concurrent streams and 1080p resolution. The third tier costs $17.99 per month, with up to four streams and 4K resolution support at the same time. Netflix recently ended its long-running 30-day free trial offer for new subscribers in the US.

To be fair, Netflix is ​​experimenting with “mobile only” subscriptions in some markets. The price for that tier, which is only for smartphones and tablets, is less than $5 per month where it’s available. However, Netflix has not made it available in most of its countries. Even though it no longer has a free trial, Disney Plus wins the price war, at least for now.

Disney Plus vs Netflix: Platforms:

Disney Plus apps are available for Android and iOS mobile devices. It supports Chromecast devices as well as TVs with built-in Chromecast capabilities. It is also available for set-top boxes like Android TV TV and Nvidia Shield.

Disney Plus can be streamed on a PC over a web browser, but specifications have not been disclosed. Disney Plus apps are also available for Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S and Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5 consoles. It’s also available on Roku TVs, streaming sticks and set-top boxes, Amazon Fire TV Sticks, and televisions. Android TV devices, Vizio Smart TVs and Samsung and LG Smart TVs have their own Disney Plus apps. There’s no confirmed Disney Plus app for the Nintendo Switch, even though a slide from Disney’s 2019 Investor Day showed the app running on the Switch.

As far as Netflix is ​​concerned in terms of availability, the question is, which devices? No support it. It’s available for iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and supports Roku and Amazon Fire TV-based devices, Chromecast devices, and TVs with built-in Chromecast. It also supports Android TV-based TVs and set-top boxes. Of course, Netflix is ​​available for PC laptops and desktops through various web browsers.

Netflix is ​​also available on a ton of game consoles. This includes Microsoft’s Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S, Sony’s PlayStation 4 and 5, and even Nintendo’s Wii U and 3DS. Apps are available for a variety of smart TVs, cable boxes, and even Blu-ray players.

It looks like Netflix wins the platform category, at least during launch, although Disney Plus may catch on later.

Disney Plus vs. Netflix: Availability

It’s very easy to give this category to Netflix, given that Netflix has made a huge debut on Disney Plus. It is currently in about 190 countries and territories. Only four countries don’t have Netflix: China, North Korea, Crimea and Syria.

In contrast, Disney Plus launched in the US, Canada, Netherlands, Australia and New Zealand. It spread to India as well as other regions of Europe including the UK, Ireland, Germany, Italy, Spain, Austria and Switzerland in March 2020.

It added France in April 2020 and Japan in June 2020. It was launched in Belgium, Portugal, Luxembourg and Nordics in September 2020. It was launched in Latin America in November 2020. Eastern Europe and the rest of Asia Pacific may have to wait. By 2021 to start service in those areas.

netflix content library

Disney Plus is also off to a huge start in terms of Netflix’s library. It has a huge selection of old TV shows and movies, and a huge library of original content that is growing almost daily. Netflix may lose some of that content to rivals like HBO Max in the future, Hulu, and peacocks. However, it is spending a lot of money to fill its service with a number of exclusive shows and movies.

In 2019 Netflix premiered films like The Irishman, the long-awaited new gangster film from director Martin Scorsese. The service also launched the first season of the fantasy series The Witcher in late 2019. Let’s not forget about 6 Underground, the latest big-budget action flick from director Michael Bay and starring Ryan Reynolds. In 2020 it launched even more new shows and movies, including Space Force, The 5 Bloods, Extraction, The Queen’s Gambit, Bridgerton and many more. Plus, you can go back and revisit older originals like Stranger Things, Black Mirror, Russian Dolls, and more.

Keep in mind that Netflix has both classic and exclusive content for all ages and audiences.

Disney Plus Content Library

Unlike another rival service that launched in November 2019, Apple TV Plus, Disney Plus doesn’t seem to have any issues with the lack of content. It draws on a vast library of content from its Disney, Marvel, Star Wars and National Geographic divisions. It even has some of the movies and shows it acquired from the purchase of 20th Century Fox. This is for streaming thousands of TV episodes and movies.

Disney Plus also has a selection of original content. This includes the hit Star Wars live-action show The Mandalorian. There are also a number of original movies you can stream, including some that were originally scheduled for a theatrical release, such as Artemis Fowl and Soul. The service also has plenty of original reality competition shows and documentaries to stream. In September, Disney Plus subscribers could watch the long-awaited live-action version of its animated film Mulan. However, customers had to pay an additional $29.99 to purchase the film, at least at first, in addition to the $6.99 per month fee. Seva did the same thing with the release of the animated film Raya and the Last Dragon in March 2021 and Cruella in May 2021. It would use the same business model for two more films: Black Widow, and Jungle Cruise.

While the number of original shows and movies on Disney Plus is currently less than on Netflix, that will change in the next 12 to 18 months. It will be the exclusive home for many other original films and TV shows. They will include the new Star Wars live-action series. There are also 12 live-action TV series in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that will be streamed on Disney Plus. It debuted in 2021 with WandaVision, and continued with The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, and most recently, Loki.

In several international markets, Disney Plus has added a new section, Star, which includes more mature content, mostly from its 20th Century Fox content library. The US won’t see that on Disney Plus because the company plans to put that kind of content on its separate Hulu service. The Mandalorian is about as “adult” as you might expect from a Disney Plus series in the US.

If you really want more rigorous content, and you live in the US, your best bet is Netflix. However, Disney Plus plans to introduce more mature content in other markets through Star in the near future.

other features


No advertisements or advertisements are displayed when using both services. Disney Plus and Netflix both support downloading content for offline viewing. Both will also support streaming shows and movies at 4K resolution, but you’ll have to pay a lot for that privilege on Netflix. Disney Plus will support streaming for up to 10 devices at once, with up to four concurrent streams at once. Netflix has a limit of four people for each account. Even so, you’ll have to pay extra for that assistance.

Disney Plus supports up to seven custom personal profiles per account. Kids can watch shows and movies of their interest, while their older parents can watch their favorite content. Netflix only supports up to five profiles per account.

Disney Plus also has Kids Mode. This includes parental controls so that Moms & Days can block their kids from watching content outside of their age group. Netflix also has parental controls that let parents restrict the content their kids can watch as well. We prefer parental controls over Netflix because they give you more freedom to block selected content.

And the winner is…

Obviously, if you’re not one of the countries where Disney’s service is available, this…