E3 2021 looks set to bring big news for Borderlands and Marvel fans

E3 2021 is near, and it could prove useful for fans of the Borderlands and XCOM series.

As always, rumors abound online about what comes next for the gaming industry, and publisher 2K Games is no exception. A leaked upcoming game list is gaining traction on Reddit, and makes some interesting claims that may come to light during E3, which takes place from June 12 to June 15.

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A user named swine_flu_greg posted the list to r/GamingLeaksAndRumours, claiming that a “trusted source” had shared the information more or less directly with the publisher. Apparently, 2K Games will be announcing a Borderlands spin-off, as well as a new turn-based action game from Firaxis, which the source described as “XCOM with Marvel heroes.”

The user, operating under a brand new account, encourages readers to take the rumor with a grain of salt, only to show their word for it at the time of publication. Of course, until Bloomberg reporter Jason Schreier verified the claims in a series of tweets.

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The Borderlands spin-off, referred to as “Wonderlands” in the post, will reportedly feature Tiny Tina and it’s not a big surprise. Rumors began to circulate last year when Gearbox applied for the trademark “Tiny Tina Wonderlands”.

Also, with intrigue around the upcoming borderlands movie Increasingly, it makes sense to release another entry into the Borderlands universe to keep the hype train moving.

Marvel XCOM, on the other hand, is a surprise. The news has met with mixed reactions from commentators, who are unsure whether the Marvel brand’s generally light-hearted approach will be compatible with XCOM’s inefficient, tactical-based gameplay. However, it is not clear from the leak whether the game will happen. A true entry in the XCOM franchise, or if it would only take inspiration from it instead.

While some commentators just wanted an update on XCOM 3, Schreier is, at least, excited about the pending title but skeptical of its announcement at E3.

In addition to the big news from the Borderlands spin-off and the Marvel XCOM game, Swine_flu_greg also hinted at the release of NBA 2K22 and codenamed Volt, a new action game that the source refers to as “Cthulhu Meets Saints Row” to some extent. Describes, whatever it is, it is said.

Codenamed Volt, the user speculates, may be a Hangar 13 production, following the leak of a contract last year, which discussed a new project described as an “open world sci-fi title with supernatural elements”. . Hangar was responsible for 13 Mafia 3 and more recently Mafia: Definitive Edition.

While the rumors attribute more to Schreier’s endorsement, it looks like we’ll need to wait and see if all — or any — of these are in production, let alone for E3 2021 to be announced next week. are ready.

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