Epic Games Store’s next free game could be its biggest giveaway ever

The Epic Games Store has given out some seriously liked freebies in the past, including the likes of GTA V, but it can be considered to top them all with the next free game offer: Remedy of Control.

As you can imagine, some gamers are losing their mind at the prospect of regaining control for free – but bear with it. very strongly This is seriously windy rumor territory in the mind.

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The speculation comes from Mydealz.de, a German deals site, and while it sounds shakier than a salt-shaker in Earthquake, perhaps – this source flagged a previous Epic Games freebie, Frostpunk (and apparently others before) . .

Wccftech highlighted this with several posts on Reddit, and as mentioned there is a lot of excitement as Control is considered a really great game. Not only that, it’s an impressive showcase for those who have an Nvidia RTX graphics card and want to try out some ray tracing plus DLSS goodness.

we go back to the measure

As we saw in our review, Remedy’s action-adventure may start off a bit slow, but soon draws you deeper with its seriously compelling story and an over-the-top combat system, along with those gorgeous visuals over the top .

Put it this way, it’s one that we can see a lot of people claiming if it’s actually true. At any rate, we’ll know in a matter of hours, as Frostpunk – the current freebie – ends at 11am ET (4pm UK time). Which reminds us, if you want frostpunk and haven’t made the move yet, BEST GET YOUR (ICE) SKATES…

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