God of War delayed to 2022, Horizon Forbidden West aiming for holiday launch

a new interview Along with the head of PlayStation’s Worldwide Studios, Hermann Hulst revealed information about the platform’s upcoming first-party games. In the interview, Hulst confirmed the release windows of both. Horizon Forbidden West and the upcoming god of war sport. According to Hulst, the former is “on track to release this holiday season,” while God of War has been pushed back to 2022.

In interviews, Hulst listed these games as “two very big, very narrative-driven games in development”. However, their size and scope have also slowed their production. “And to both of them,” Hulst continued, “they are clearly impressed by the performance capture and access to talent.”

In reference to the next God of War game, Hulst said, “We have decided to push that game to next year, to make sure that Santa Monica Studios can deliver the wonderful God of War game that we’ve always wanted.” We all want to play.” Although Hulst’s comments on the God of War game’s development delays were a bit vague, Santa Monica Studios made its own, clear statement. On Twitter, the developer said that “we remain focused on delivering a high quality game while maintaining the safety and well-being of our team, creative partners and families. With this in mind, we have moved our release window to 2022.” have decided to do so.”

Hulst said he could not confirm Horizon Forbidden West Will be ready to ship this holiday season, but he said, “we’re working hard to confirm that as soon as possible.”

Hulst also revealed that Horizon Forbidden West PlayStation won’t be the only cross-generational game to come from the studio anytime soon. upcoming god of war title and Grand Turismo 7 Will launch on both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

While we haven’t seen any news on the upcoming God of War title since it came out in 2020, Horizon Forbidden West has recently taken center stage of the PlayStation. Sony recently hosted a State of Play event that focused entirely on the upcoming game which featured 14 minutes of new gameplay. However, the release date of the game was not disclosed.

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