Resident Evil Netflix series cast includes Lance Reddick as Albert Wesker

Netflix is ​​going big with its upcoming Resident Evil series. The show is based on the massive survival-horror game franchise of the same name, and thanks to productions during Netflix-hosted geeked weekNow, we know some of the actors who played some of the horror franchise’s most memorable characters.

Actor Lance Reddick is stepping down as Albert Wesker, the leader of an elite police squad with a black agenda of his own. Joining Reddick are Ella Balinska, Tamara Smart, Sienna Agudong, Adeline Rudolph and Paola Nez, although their roles have not been announced. You can check out the official shot of the cast announcement below.

Details are still scarce overall but from what Netflix has shared, the show won’t exactly follow the game’s plot. Instead, it will take place in two timelines: one that follows fourteen-year-old sisters Jade and Billy Wesker, while the other is set more than a decade in the future, where the deadly T-virus has nearly wiped out humanity. .

There is still no release window for the show, although we do know that the first season will have eight one-hour episodes.

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Meanwhile, back to the games

The most recent entry for the series of games, Resident Evil Village, was released to critical acclaim and commercial success. The game is a direct sequel to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard which follows protagonist Ethan Winters to a mysterious European village after his daughter is kidnapped. There, he is forced to face horrors from the new series, such as the Lycans, as well as the mysterious Five Lords.

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