Starfield will come to Xbox One – but not how you might think

It’s set to be the Xbox Series X’s next huge hit, but Starfield won’t leave Xbox One owners out in the cold. Microsoft made a commitment to cross-generation releases when it launched the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S consoles, and it’s making good on that promise — if maybe not in the way you originally envisioned.

In a post on the Xbox Wire blog, Microsoft says it will use its cloud streaming technology to serve up games that require the power of the Xbox Series X/S to replace them with the aging last-gen Xbox One. can be reached.

You’ll see several games this holiday, including Forza Horizon 5, which will boast DirectX ray-tracing on both the Xbox Series X and S, and Battlefield 2042, which will support up to 128 players on the Xbox Series X/S. Will run at 60fps.

“Some of the games launching next year from our first party studios and partners, such as Starfield, Redfall, and Stalker 2, require the speed, performance, and technology of the Xbox Series X/S.

“We’re excited to see developers realize their vision in a way that only next-gen hardware will allow them to do this. For the millions of people playing on the Xbox One console today, we’re looking forward to learning more about this.” We look forward to sharing how we will bring many of these next-generation games, such as Microsoft Flight Simulator, to your console via Xbox Cloud Gaming, just as we do with mobile devices, tablets and browsers.”

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keep the stream alive

It’s a smart move from Microsoft, which simultaneously responds to two groups of concerns. Here’s a solution that will really allow Xbox One owners to bridge the title accessibility gap with their Xbox Series X brethren, and do so without compromising on the experience that the original Xbox Series X version can deliver . Xbox One gamers will be able to join in without decrying the technological advances the Series X will cost new games.

Of course, the quality of the streaming experience hasn’t been determined yet—a limiting factor will always be the gamer’s broadband speed and stability, and there’s a possibility that Microsoft may be inclined to limit stream fidelity, such as 1080p instead of 4K. Is said. Xbox One X owners. After all, it will still make some Xbox One owners want to upgrade to their new hardware eventually.

But the commitment to cloud streaming and older machines is commendable — Microsoft has confirmed that it is in the “final stages” of revamping its worldwide data centers in anticipation of the rise of game streaming.

“More than a billion people in 26 countries across five continents will be able to play from the cloud on the world’s most powerful console on their phones, tablets, PCs and Xboxes,” said Karim Choudhary, CVP of Cloud Gaming. , in a pre-E3 video briefing. Microsoft says this will allow for “faster load times, better frame rates, and an Xbox Series X/S optimized game experience.”

That’s a moratorium on execution for the eight-year-old Xbox One console, which could be some time to come if Microsoft is able to deliver on its cloud-based vision.

Starfield is set to launch on November 11, 2022 for Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. The game will also be available on Xbox Game Pass on day one.

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