The best games on Xbox Game Pass for 2021

As the Xbox Game Pass program has evolved, so has our list of the best games on Xbox Game Pass. With the launch of the Xbox Series X, Microsoft has doubled down on Game Pass, now offering over 350 games on the console alone. To help you through the options paralysis, we’ve rounded up the top games on Microsoft’s subscription platform.

We tailored our list to Xbox One, so we didn’t include games like age of empires 2 and Microsoft Flight Simulator Which are exclusive to Game Pass for PC. However, many titles are available on Xbox and PC, and some of them even support cross-save. Most games are also available for streaming on mobile, as long as you have game pass ultimate.

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red dead online

red dead online
Rockstar Games

game not pass red dead redemption 2 no more but he has Red Dead Online. It’s the same American frontier you know from the base game, just with millions of other players. In red dead online, You and a group of friends choose what you want to do. You can form a gang and live your life in robbing trains, chasing bounties to increase your wealth, or even hunting and fishing all the different animals. can be found walking along the border.

red dead online It’s not just about wandering around and getting into trouble. The base game includes 15 story missions, and the other five are available through moonshiners DLC. Unlike the main games, story missions take into account the choices you make. red dead online. The honor system comes into play from the base game, and the missions you’ll have access to will change based on your honor level.

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Remedy Entertainment – The Studio Behind quantum break and Alan Wake — built on the same narrative-driven action structure that has defined the studio’s games since Max Payne. and Control That’s the true culmination of the structure. It’s a tight action game with platforming and puzzle elements, set against the backdrop of a government conspiracy (a la Stranger things) Control It’s not a perfect game, but it balances so many elements so well – action, shooting, and Metroidvania-like exploration.

You play as Jesse Faden when she arrives at The Oldest House, a dreary government building that houses the Federal Bureau of Control. After a relatively gloomy – though scary nonetheless – introduction, Control begins to form. Oldest House itself begins to change, encouraged by Some even from another world. From there, it’s your job to uncover the secrets hidden deep in The Oldest House. And there’s a lot to discover.

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Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The list of the best Star Wars games is remarkably short, despite the fact that games with the name have been around for decades. Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Stands apart though. This is the first Star Wars game in a long time that deals with being a good game, not just a licensed one. The result is a game that’s thoroughly entertaining for those who couldn’t care less about Star Wars, but with enough fan service to keep franchise fans hooked.

When it comes to gameplay, fell order same as dark Souls Light. It has tight swordplay with tuned paring and dosing mechanics. However, it is clear fell orderThe difficulty of was tuned against the mainstream video game market, not solely dark Souls. because of that, fell order As well as being accessible to newcomers to the genre, it’s a pleasant romp for fans like Souls.

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Near: Automata

Platinum Games, the same studio behind Bayonetta and micro series, It has a long history of making engaging, over-the-top action games. Near: Automata, However, the studio has great creations. Featuring frantic combat similar to the studio’s previous games, Near: Automata Goes a step further with a gripping storyline, a beautiful setting and multiple endings.

If the post-apocalyptic world and robot gods aren’t enough to hook you, there will be combat. Near: Automata Makes you feel like a badass, the robot bites you easily while your drone fighter supports you. Combat encounters are comically intense, making the moment-to-moment gameplay deeply satisfying.

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call of the sea

call of the sea A simple game about exploring an island, and an excellent start to the aptly named Out of the Blue games. Set in the 1930s, you play as Nora Everhart as she explores a mysterious island in search of her lost husband. And from the game’s opening moments, it all looks like call of the sea has to offer.

However, the game lives up to your expectations. What starts out as a bright, colorful puzzler turns into something much darker, as the secrets of the island you’re on (and why your husband was there) begin to reveal themselves. call of the sea It’s a very short game (about five hours, and very little with a guide), so we’ll leave the narrative details at that. Although the puzzle design is great, the game really hinges on uncovering your secrets, so we recommend diving in blind if possible.


After the disappointment of 2019 Blair Witch, Horror developer Blobber Team is back with medium. You play as Marian, a medium (Go Figure) sent to an abandoned communist resort to uncover secrets that only a medium can uncover. As you play the game, you’ll be back and forth between the real world and the spirit world to solve puzzles, explore, and move through the depths of the resort.

although medium Blobber isn’t the first horror game from the team, it’s the first third-person horror game the studio has created. Even if you don’t feel fear from Marianne’s eyes, medium Still holding its own against the best horror games. A clear nod to the old Resident Evil title, medium Uses fixed (-ish, the camera has some cinematic motion as you play, which is expertly executed) to tell its story. that makes medium Feel like a horror movie, with enough mechanics to feel like a fair game.

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outdoor wild

outdoor wild There’s a game you really shouldn’t know anything about. Fully focused on exploration and discovery, outdoor wild Offers an open world mystery with the only solution to continue the quest. Even a short summary can be considered spoiler, so stop reading this section if you want to go fresh.

Simply put, you play as an astronaut who is a member of the outer wild space program. After an in-game time of 22 minutes, the sun will turn into a supernova, ending the game. You’ll resume immediately — with that, 22-minute time limit — allowing you to explore the solar system and unravel the secrets hidden around you.

no man’s sky

no man's sky

it’s been four years no man’s sky Hit PlayStation 4 and PC after arriving on Xbox in 2018, but the game continues to feel fresh thanks to constant updates from developer Hello Games, which deliver engaging content that keeps players on their toes .

Probably more than any other game in this roundup, no man’s sky Shows freedom in a video game. It allows you to explore its ever-expanding environment and create your own little piece of happiness in the digital world. But like any good game, it’s the combination of combat, exploration, and interaction with fellow players that keeps you coming back. Actually, no man’s sky One of the most compelling communities anywhere can be.

sea ​​of ​​thieves

sea ​​of ​​thieves puts you in the place of a pirate, and not in the same way black Flag It does (even though it’s one of the best Assassin’s Creed games of all time). This is not just an open world action-adventure game with pirate skins – sea ​​of ​​thieves is a pirate simulator. From plundering unexplored islands to piloting his ship with a group of friends, Rare manages to simplify every aspect sea ​​of ​​thieves Make each sporting task engaging, no matter how mundane it may seem.

More importantly, simplification leads to a sense of freedom. nothing in sea ​​of ​​thieves From the loose leveling system to the tall tails that make up the campaign, it’s strict. You are free to explore and deal with the objectives in any way you like, or you may ignore the objectives altogether. Although a lonely experience in itself, sea ​​of ​​thieves Must play with a group of friends. The game also supports cross-platform play between the Game Pass and Steam versions, so it’s easy to piece together a bunch of pirates.

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dead cells

dead cells There’s a pitch that sounds like many other indie games: A Metroidvania with roguelike elements. Despite this, it is one of the most addictive games on Game Pass. The title doesn’t do much to iterate on the genre—basically, you’re provided with weapon upgrades and face increasingly difficult enemies as you run down the gauntlet—but the fun comes from the way the game plays. how do you feel.

the very first, dead cells Feels cumbersome, as your character doesn’t jump very high and is constantly getting snagged on sprawling platforms. Once you learn to control the game, it becomes invigorating. You can rip through levels with incredible speed, providing a sense of aggression not found in other Metroidvanias.

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kill the peak

kill the peak is a deck-building game with roguelike elements. In the beginning, you’ll choose one of four characters, each with their own set of cards. You’re given a starter deck with basic attack and defense cards, and you’ll be able to add new cards to your deck as you defeat enemies.

Although simple in premise, kill the peakThe gameplay loop gets addicting fast. The game is balanced enough to encourage exploration with a variety of cards,…

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