The best iOS games you can play offline on your iPhone and iPad

When you’re bored waiting for an appointment or riding public transportation where the signal can be spotty but you don’t want to use up your data, why not enjoy a game you can play Without an internet connection?

There are tons of options available on iOS in almost any style you love. This list is a list of the best offline iOS games, with both paid and free options to enjoy on your iPhone or iPad – anytime, anywhere.

2 of the dead

Into the Dead 2 .  Screenshot of first-person action with guns and zombies in

if the walking dead and army of the dead Haven’t given you your zombie fix, see 2 of the dead. Save your family from a zombie apocalypse in this action-packed shooter and nab a friendly canine companion to keep you company as you blast your way through seven chapters and 60 challenge-packed stages. The graphics are gorgeous and the environments are immersive – but be careful, these zombies aren’t all your average morning of the dead shamblers; Behind you are a variety of zombies, including runners and armored zombies, which require some impressive firepower to take down. Speaking of firepower, the arsenal of powerful weapons at your disposal will not disappoint, from melee weapons and explosives to machine guns and shotguns. You may also find yourself chopping off the head of the dead with a chainsaw. 2 of the dead Can be played offline and is free to play, but there are in-app purchases for some game items.


Reign ($3)

Do you wake up at night dreaming of ruling your kingdom as a benevolent (or evil) king? Umm… just us, then? If you have ever felt the urge to rule a medieval empire, Reign There is the perfect iOS game for you. The game is played with a deck of cards that present different scenarios – such as “We can never be too ready. You need to recruit more soldiers.” You choose what to do by swiping left or right – and that’s about it. The goal is equally simple: rule your kingdom for a harmonious state and balance the four pillars of society – the people, the church, the army and the treasury. It’s easier said than done though, because every choice you make affects one of the four pillars. To some degree, careful planning and making wise decisions will get you a long way – but there are always unexpected events or moments of misfortune that can turn it around. Reign A great game for those long car trips or tiring commutes where the internet signal is unreliable – and the quirky humor and difficult choices will easily keep you entertained for hours.


subway Surfers

Screenshot of Subway Surfers game

subway Surfers It’s free to play – although there are in-app purchases – and it’s a solid little endless runner that’s surprisingly addictive. Target? Run as fast as you can to avoid the inspector and his dog while dodging oncoming trains and other obstacles. Ride a hoverboard or try a paint-powered jetpack for size – you can even compete with your friends. Fast-paced swiping, colorful HD graphics and smooth controls mean this game never gets dull.


Free Flow

Free Flow

It may sound simple, but Free Flow away from him. This addictive little puzzle game challenges you to connect matching colors using pipes – once all the colors are connected, the puzzle is solved. Keep in mind though – if the pipes overlap or cross, they will break. More than 2,500 levels are available for free, and you can pay $5 to unlock more and remove ads. If you get bored – and you won’t – Time Trial Mode lets you race against the clock for an added challenge. The different levels range from cold and zen to fast and frenetic, so there’s a level to suit whatever your mood is.


Badlands ($1)

Dictionary Hindi Badland

If you haven’t played any Badlands games yet, we recommend that you start with this game – though badlands 2 Also available in Apple Store for $1. This side-scrolling adventure game takes place in a beautiful forest full of mysterious inhabitants and colorful flora and fauna. But something is wrong. You control one of the forest dwellers as you investigate what’s going on and explore this wonderful world while avoiding the many obstacles and traps along the way. It takes a while to master the physics-based gameplay, but once you do, you’ll be completely immersed in the game. The single-player campaign has over 100 levels and a really cool Versus mode that lets you play up to four players on a single device with over 30 levels to challenge you and your friends. There’s even a cool level editor that lets you create and share your own levels.


dead cells ($9)

dead cells One of the most popular indie titles to come out in recent years. Following the popular Rogue-like formula, players assume the role of a failed chemical experiment as it finds and fights its way through an ever-changing castle. The game is a Metroidvania with evil elements. Every time a player dies, they can level up and acquire new skills. The game is fast-paced and frenetic, and it’s perfect to play on iOS now that it supports controllers.


Travel ($5)

Travel Was one of the best games to be released on PlayStation 3, and is considered one of the best games of all time. Now, Travel Available on iOS. If you didn’t get a chance to play it on PS3, now is the perfect opportunity to do it. You can play the game online if you want, but in single-player mode it’s just as enjoyable in itself. The minimalist art style looks great on iOS, and now that the game supports MFi controllers, you can enjoy the game as it was originally designed.


Between the Valleys ($3)

between the valleys One of the many beautiful games designed specifically for iOS. In between the valleysPlayers must manage a civilization of animals while making the environment sustainable. The environment is played on hexagonal tiles, like Civilization. It’s a lovely and accessible title with a nice difficulty curve that makes it ideal for casual and experienced gamers alike.



Go back to the ’80s with this spooky, supernatural tale. oxenfree Tells the story of a group of friends who accidentally open a ghostly rift and try to deal with the consequences. But the core of the game isn’t what happens to you – it’s what you choose to do. How you deal with the ghostly events and your friends is entirely up to you, and many different mysteries to solve. There’s so much to explore and uncover, with the story changing with every decision you make. oxenfree The perfect game to eat your time. The first part of the game is free to play, but the rest of the game will cost $5. Still, if you’re addicted, it’s absolutely worth the money.


stickman hook

It’s a simple idea, but stickman hookThe swinging gameplay is fun and engaging, and it draws you in from the very first moment. There’s a lot to a certain sticky superhero at the core of the game, but don’t let that get you down. The goal of each level is to use gravity, speed, and your swinging abilities to reach the checkered finish line to propel yourself without falling off the platform using some bouncing pads. It is completely free to play, with optional additional unlocks with money. It’s great for filling time when you have a few spare moments, and it doesn’t require any data to work.


room ($1)

fireproof games rooms The original title has been a mobile staple since its launch in 2012. Room: Old Sin, the fourth game in the series, launched in 2018. Chances are you’ve come across these games on the App Store, whether from recommendations or on the top charts where they often belong. Each game in the series features a series of escape room-style puzzles. Each level has a room, and several 3D box puzzles that must be opened by moving mechanisms, finding keys, and using clues learned through the game. Remarkably, each entry in the series is as spectacular as the last. Expertly conceived and exceedingly well designed, The Room series is a can’t miss puzzle franchise. You don’t have to run them in sequence, but we recommend that you start with the first one, which is only available for $1.


Monument Valley 2 ($5)

The sequel to the 2014 hit Ustvo Games, Monument Valley 2 Expanding on what made the first so great. Shifting puzzle maps and multiple mechanics are back, but this time you played as Ro, a mother who must guide her little one in every area. This time around the isometric experience environment was used more effectively, with the story more clear. It’s a constant pleasure to tinker with the mechanisms and find hidden ways to exit each level. From presentation to sound, from story to gameplay, Monument Valley 2 There is a perfect experience with no weak links.


Alto Odyssey ($5)

Alto’s Odyssey the place of the snowy mountains of adventures of alto With a variety of desert-themed landscapes. Snowboarding through three large areas, each filled with randomly generated areas, is the same crisp and exhilarating experience as the original. Alto’s OdysseyIts minimalist and uniquely cathartic gameplay shines through in beautiful, varied areas. This is one of the best automatic runners out there and overall a wonderful experience.


To the Moon ($5)

One of the most heartfelt and lovely games ever, of the moon Follows a dying man named Johnny Vials who wants to go to the moon. He reaches out to two doctors who use advanced technology to recreate the memories of their lives. This is followed by a moving and sad love story, lavishly rendered with 16-bit visuals. Have a box of tissues before playing.


Florence ($3)

An interactive story about the rise and fall of a young woman’s relationship, florencoE artfully captures the feeling of falling in love for the first time. The gameplay is minimal, as it mostly involves completing rudimentary puzzles. But everything you touch and interact with meaningfully…

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