Google slashes Stadia’s revenue share to try to attract developers

15% reduction in sales of up to $3 million

Google is revising how much it cuts Stadia from games to try to attract more developers. Starting October 1, Google will account for 15 percent of sales, up to $3 million by the end of 2023.

With the change, Google is trying to make its cloud gaming platform a more attractive option for developers — a proposition that’s likely got tougher since the company closed its in-house studio. Google has also tried offering exclusive games to developers to try to get on board (which it was likely paid a hefty amount of money to acquire), but many of those games has since been released on other platforms.

The news that revenue sharing between developers and platform holders has come under intense scrutiny recently. Google’s transformation with Stadia isn’t the first it’s made for its store recently: The company slashed its Play Store cut to 15 percent for the developer’s first $1 million in annual revenue in March. A similar move followed in November by Apple, which announced that developers earning less than $1 million per year on the App Store would qualify for a program where Apple would pay for their revenue instead of the standard 30 percent fee. will cut 15%. .

Tuesday’s news was announced Google for Games Developer Summit. As part of the event, on Monday, Google announced that Android 12 will let you download games as well as play them.

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