Loki episode 1 just explained how the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse works

Spoilers for Loki Episode 1 on Disney Plus.

Loki’s TV Series Disney Plus has finally arrived — and, true to what its cast and crew say in the lead up By the time of release, it is well on its way to become the most important story of all time in the MCU.

There’s a lot to take in during the show’s premiere, but the most interesting part of Loki Episode 1 (in our view anyway) happens in less than 15 minutes into the series: we find out How Marvel Cinematic Multiverse (MCM) is in the works.

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Here, we’ll take a more in-depth look at how Loki Episode 1 sets up the MCM and how it will impact future Marvel movies and TV shows.

Suffice to say, we’re about to enter Loki episode 1. spoiler area for. If you haven’t seen the show (or at least the first 15 minutes), turn back now.

Marvel Cinematic Multiverse: Who Are the Time Keepers?

As the animated character Ms. Minutes explains to Loki for her crimes before being put on trial inside the Time Variance Authority (TVA), the Time Keepers are a group of cosmic beings who guard the flow of the sacred timeline.

Long ago, a great war broke out between several universes. Known as Multidimensional Warfare, each universe fought against each other to ensure that their timeline of events reigned supreme. The struggle was so fierce that it resulted in the destruction of almost everyone and everything.

However, the emergence of the Time Keepers precipitated the multidimensional warfare. Reorganizing the MCM into a single timeline – known as the MCU, or Sacred Timeline – the Time Keepers brought peace to the universe.

it’s unclear at this stage How Were the Time Keepers created or where they actually came from, but we hope this will be answered in future episodes of Loki.

Marvel Cinematic Multiverse: What is Time Variance Authority?

To ensure that another multilateral war does not break out, the Time Keepers also created the TVA. This bureaucratic organization exists outside of time and space, and helps protect the sacred timeline by ‘trimming’ the timelines of any branches created by the ‘Time Variant’.

Time variants are individuals who leave their predetermined path on the sacred timeline and, as a result, create a branched timeline.

Loki is a perfect example of this. During the Avengers’ slightly unsuccessful time theft plan in Avengers: Endgame, he steals the Tesseract and uses it to escape back to 2012. Noticing that his life path is not mapped as such, his escape causes a branch from the sacred timeline and alerts TVA to his presence. Loki is later arrested by a Hunter B-15 and his group of TVA enforcers.

These branches or branches are also called Nexus events. We’ve heard about these before in another MCU TV series – wandavision — but we’ll see it again in another passage below.

For now, just know that Nexus Events is the cause of Multiversal Wars. If they are left unchecked by the TVA, they create instability in the sacred timeline and sabotage reality.

How does TVA factor into this? They capture the Time Variants that cause Nexus Events, use the Time Reset Charge to erase any timeline branches and set Time back on their expected path, and any changes that may have caused such events. Charge (and remove from existence) the Time Variant. Loki is one of them, in this show.

The Marvel Cinematic Multiverse: How Loki Set Up Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2

Now that we know how MCM will work, we have a good idea of ​​how it might tie into the movies to come Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness.

Let’s start with No Way Home. We know that the Spider-Man villain (from the previous Sony film adaptation of the webslinger) will enter the MCU at No Way Home. Alfred Molina’s Doc-Oak and Jamie Foxx’s Electro is basically confirmed at this point, and there there have been rumors Regarding appearances about other Spider-Man enemies.

Minutes’ explanation of the MCM, we can infer that these Spider-Man antagonists will enter the MCU via Nexus Events.

It’s unclear whether Loki will have anything to do with this (could he cause another multitalented war later in his series?), if Spider-Man himself will inadvertently create multiple Nexus events, or even That if Wanda Maximoff (through her Darkhold research) could cause them.

Regardless of who’s responsible, we’re pretty sure that Nexus Events will be formed, a new multiversal war will unfold, and the villains from Sam Raimi and Mark Webb’s Spider-Man universes will likely be moved to the MCU. Will go

For Doctor Strange 2, the plot of the next film from the Sorcerer Supreme will focus heavily on the MCM. The “Multiverse of Madness” part of the title gives this away and, given that Doctor Strange is rumored to have a role in Spider-Man: No Way Home, it looks like the titular character may be staying and even returning. That can even reverse the downfall. Multiples.

The alleged synopsis of Doctor Strange 2 points to this being the case. Per backstage.comStephen Strange’s continuing research on Dr. Time Stone is interrupted by a friend-foe, resulting in Strange uncovering unspeakable evil.

We don’t know what this “inexplicable evil” is, or who will be “friend to foe” between Baron Mordo or Wanda Maximoff. Both characters are set to appear in Doctor Strange 2 and either of them could be the person who hinders Doctor Strange’s research.

What could that research be? Maybe Stephen Strange wants to use the Time Stone to reverse time and prevent the Nexus events (seen in Loki and possible No Way Home) from ever happening. After all, the Time Stone can, well, turn back time, so there’s no reason Doctor Strange would need to use it to stop the Multiverse from bleeding into each other and causing another Multiversal War. Do not try.

Then again, the existence of TVA may negate the use of the Infinity Stones in such circumstances.

As we learned in Loki, TVA has several Infinity Stones from alternate timelines – TVA office worker Casey even says they are used as paperweights by staff members – kept in a drawer. is.

Clearly, the TVA does not consider these all-powerful, cosmic stones to be more important than itself. If that’s the case, TVA denies the Infinity Stones as a plot device, so Doctor Strange may not be able to use the Time Stone in the way he expects.

The Marvel Cinematic Universe: Could we see a live-action adaptation of Secret Wars?

it’s possible. Loki’s lead writer Michael Waldron declined to dismiss it during chat Murphy’s Multiverse Before the release of Episode 1. If there’s another multifaceted war going on, Secret Wars would be the perfect comic story to end Marvel’s Phase 4 or Phase 5 plans.

For those unfamiliar with Secret Wars, this is the name of two Marvel limited comic series, which were released in 1984 and 2015, respectively.

The 1984 comic run brought superhero groups and villains together (against their will, no less) by a cosmic entity known as the Beyonder, where they were forced to do battle on a planet called Battleworld. .

However, the comic run of 2015 is much more interesting from MCM’s point of view. This nine-issue series included the destruction of mainline Marvel and other alternate universes, and led to the merging of every universe version of Earth together to form Battleworld.

Run of 2015 Secret Wars, with different avatars of the same hero and villain living in the same plane of existence could Something that MCM will follow in future.

If TVA, Doctor Strange and the others fail to prevent the collapse of the Multiverse, we can see that the Sacred Timeline converges with the other timeline, the formation of Battleworld, and a massive Multiverse crossover event. This could be Marvel’s Phase 4 or 5 equivalent of 2012’s Avengers or 2019’s Avengers: Endgame, with multiple superheroes and villains sharing screen time.

However the events of Spider-Man: No Way Home and Doctor Strange 2 unfold, or if Secret Wars will be a future Marvel Studios project, one thing is clear: we now know how the Marvel Cinematic Multiverse works, and it It’s all thanks to the Disney Plus series of Loki. The phrase ‘multiversal war’ may well define what the Marvel movies of the next few years look like.

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