Ted Lasso season 2’s humor and heart will cure your soccer blues

The weight of expectation is something that football managers and players are fully aware of. The smallest difference, on and off the pitch, could be the difference between victory and defeat – factors that England and Italy could see as dust settles in Sunday’s Euro 2020 final.

As a football-based show, Ted Lasso will still hopefully be familiar with the notion. Apple TV Plus’ popular soccer comedy series regularly appears on lists of the ‘Best TV Shows of 2020′ and with a plethora of awards under its belt since the series’ initial August 2020 release, the show’s next installment will be live on. There’s a lot to do.

Ted Lasso Season 2, in terms of humor and heart, offers much of the same as Season 1, but fans shouldn’t worry that the series is starting to feel stale because of this. With the introduction of new characters and subplots, Season 2 feels as fresh as the series’ first outing, and establishes Ted Lasso as Apple TV Plus’ most engaging show.

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A few months after the climax of Season 1, Ted Lasso Season 2 found AFC Richmond struggling to adapt to life in the second tier of England.

A run of seven draws in a row, with issues plaguing the Richmond Stars on and off the field, means that unwavering optimist Ted (Jason Sudeikis) has his job cut out.

Season 2 seems like a turbulent moment for AFC Richmond, and you can see why it has been dubbed by the show’s cast as the “Empire Strikes Back” series. Despite its comic center, the Ted Lasso season can be considered a bit dark in terms of its themes (at least, from the perspective of Episode 1), as was Star Wars Episode V.

Thankfully, the American football coach has his signature charm and optimism to fall back on, which will be vital to fostering relationships with his players and helping Richmond try to make an immediate Premier League return.

As enjoyable as it is to see Ted’s positive-yet eccentric personality return in spades, though, Season 2’s biggest strength is arguably its far from titular character.

While Season 1 isn’t deprived of screen time at all, the show’s supporting cast is given more room to breathe. Fan favorites, such as Dani Rojas (Cristo Fernandez), receive larger character arcs in Season 2 from the get go, while the likes of Rebecca Welton (Hannah Waddingham), Roy Kent (Brett Goldtin) and Sam Obisnya (Toheb Jimo) also enjoy Huh. Changes in character development, which helps bring out the wider story of the series.

Sure, Ted Lasso (as a show) has never been just about his main character, but it’s nice to see some of the other stars in the series get more time in the spotlight.

This also extends to newcomers to Ted Lasso. The arrival of psychologist Doctor Sharon Fieldstone (Sarah Niles), for one, adds some welcome tension to her initially frosty relationship with Ted, adding new dynamism to the series’ setup and ensuring that Ted and company will not always find its way this season.

If this makes it look like Ted Lasso Season 2 is moving away from comedy in favor of a more dramatic approach, fret not.

Given Episode 1’s plethora of laughable moments, Season 2 will be dry, slapstick, dark and quirky humor as well as filled with lots of pop culture references. This first episode has tons of great jokes and jokes for fans to enjoy.

For fans of Ted Lasso’s emotional moments, the show’s cast is full of dil se dil too. Like its predecessor, Season 2 has the perfect mix of humor and emotional scenes, which is a big part of what makes Ted Lasso so successful.

Ted Lasso Season 2 doesn’t recreate the series, but here’s enough upgrades to its match-winning formula that made us optimistic about its 12-episode run. The writers are building on a strong foundation when it comes to characterization and storytelling.

Now with Euro 2020, Ted Lasso is ready to fill a football-sized hole in the hearts of football fans – and god knows some of us need it.

Ted Lasso Season 2 premieres exclusively on Apple TV Plus on Friday, July 23.

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