The 52 best shows on Amazon Prime Video right now

Amazon Prime Video continues to crank out a variety of original series, such as boys and modern love, Offering a growing list of legacy series you can watch in their entirety – or at least the first few seasons. always have to check out right But never got around to it? You can watch with Amazon Prime subscription. would like to see House second time? This is also available. Amazon’s library of titles is extensive, but sometimes you run into an issue where you get a great show only to realize you need a secondary subscription to watch. We’re here to remove the frustration with a curated list of shows you can watch with a base Amazon Prime Video subscription — and only the best in a carefully selected round-up.

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The Man in the High Castle on Amazon Prime Video

The Man in the High Castle

World War II “What if?” seems to be the most common source for landscape in the imagination. The Man in the High Castle, Philip K. of the same name. Dick’s novel, begins with the premise that not only did the Axis powers win the war, but they also later occupied the United States, with Imperial Japan ruling the West Coast and the Nazis controlling the East. of the Rockies. The show follows a few different characters living in different regions as they try to endure the occupation as well as investigate a mysterious film reel that depicts an alternate universe where the Allies have actually waged war. had won. Dick was a true visionary writer, and The Man in the High Castle The otherworldly, authoritarian nature of the world he envisioned takes hold. Full of intrigue and superb direction, The Man in the High Castle An exciting thriller. The series completed its impressive run with Season 4 of November 2019.

created by: frank spotnitz
cast: Alex Davlos, Luke Klintank, Geoffrey Blake, Rupert Evans, Luke Klintank
Number of seasons: 4

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comrade spy

In the 1980s, with the Cold War heating up, American pop culture produced a plethora of films expressing the concerns and patriotism of that era: red Dawn, or the lesser-known 1985 Invasion USA (starring Chuck Norris). comrade spy Following a pair of Romanian spies investigating a plot by Western imperialists to destroy the communist system, Takes on the aesthetics of ’80s action cinema and filters them through a (sardonic) communist lens. The show – which is modeled as a real Romanian show, dubbed in English with the voices of actors like Channing Tatum and Joseph-Gordon Levitt – is directed by Detective Gregor Engel (a tough cop who plays by his own rules). but gets the result). ) and his accomplice busted drug dealers, only for a sniper to shoot Engel’s accomplice. Out for vengeance, Engel and his new partner, Iosif Baqiu, hunt down the killer but stumble upon a conspiracy of international proportions. comrade spy A strange show even by the inventive standards of modern television, a parody wrapped in a layer of fake-authenticity, but its strange charms are well worth watching.

created by: Brian Gatewood
cast: Channing Tatum, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Jenny Slate
Number of seasons: 1

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American on Amazon Prime Video


It’s 1981, President Ronald Reagan has just been elected, and like most Americans, Elizabeth (Keri Russell) and Philip Jennings (Matthew Rice) enjoying the country’s growing prosperity as the Cold War heats up. Unlike most Americans, however, Jennings is actually a KGB spy. From that singular premise emerges one of the most thrilling thrillers on the air today. Political intrigue is exciting, but what makes American Its main focus is on Jennings’ marriage. Examining the tensions of married life, the show demonstrates that personal issues like husband-wife conflict can be every bit as exciting as geopolitical maneuvers.

created by: joseph weisberg
cast: Keri Russell, Matthew Rice, Holly Taylor
Number of seasons: 6

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Underground Railroad on Amazon Prime Video

underground Railroad

Imagine if the Underground Railroad, the hidden passages and safe houses that were used in the 1800s to help enslaved black people escape, were it a real railroad? This premise is taken in this historical drama based on the novel of the same name by Colson Whitehead. Created by the same creative team that produced the Oscar-winning film Moonlighthandjob Critics praised the “fantastic ensemble”. And the director calls Barry Jenkins’ “singular eye” and the story “challenging and necessary.” At the center of the story is Cora, who meets Caesar, and together they try to make it onto the train and ride towards freedom.

created by: Barry Jenkins
cast: Help Mbedu, Chase W Dillon, Aaron Pierre, Joel Edgerton
number of seasons: 1

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Dexter on Amazon Prime Video


Taking the dark and disturbing series of Jeff Lindsay novels and turning them into a compelling crime drama mystery series, right Easily one of the best shows to grace the small screen. Sub-par endings aside (Redemption may come with a limited series revival), the story of a vigilante serial killer who learns to follow his father’s code and uses his dark urges to kill only those criminals. Makes that are “worth it” will quickly get you hooked to their unique premise. Viewers find themselves sympathetic to and sympathetic to the title character (Michael C. Hall), even though he is a cold-blooded killer. Dexter struggles to appear “normal” despite going through the motions of life, imitating the behavior of others. Her day job helps her easily fulfill her after-hours pleasures: she’s a skilled blood-hole analyst for the Miami Police, who uses her access to research victims before committing a murder. This is a deliciously diabolical series that will have you intrigued for the upcoming revival.

created by: James Manos Jr. (Based on) darkly dreaming dexter by Jeff Lindsay)
cast: Michael C Hall, Julie Benz, Jennifer Carpenter, Eric King, Lauren Velez, David Zayas, James Raymer, CS Lee, Desmond Harrington
Number of seasons: 8

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Bosch on Amazon Prime Video


Titus Welliver plays Los Angeles homicide detective Harry Bosch in this Amazon Studios original series based on Michael Connelly’s series of novels. The first season of the critically acclaimed series sees Bosch on trial for the murder of a serial murder suspect, as well as confronting his past when a cold case involving a missing boy suddenly heats up again. After six well received seasons, BOSCH Was renewed for a seventh and final season in February 2020.

created by: Eric Overmyer, Daniel Pine, Michael Connelly, Henrik Bastin, Peter Jan Brug, John Mankiewicz
cast: Titus Welliver, Annie Vershing, Amy Price-Francis
Number of seasons: 6

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home on amazon prime


Over the course of eight seasons, actor Hugh Laurie transformed the irritable Gregory House into one of pop culture’s most iconic physicians in this medical drama, one of the world’s most popular shows during its run. The series followed House as he battled his own addictions as well as used his unique insights to diagnose esoteric diseases. Laurie’s unorthodox medical talent was the show’s Titanic star, but her supporting cast played a big part in making it House One of the highest rated series in the US between 2004 and 2012.

created by: David Shore
cast: Hugh Laurie, Lisa Edelstein, Robert Sean Leonard
Number of seasons: 8

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30 Rock on Amazon Prime

30 Rock

This satirical sitcom created and starring Tina Fey was inspired by her experiences as a lead writer saturday night live and lasted seven seasons, earning an astonishing 103 Primetime Emmy Award nominations and winning 16 times during its run. The series follows the showrunner of a sketch comedy series, who is forced to defy the competing interests of her brash network boss, narcissistic actors, and sensitive writers as she attempts to keep her show airy and successful. Along with Fey, the series’ influential cast included Alec Baldwin, Tracy Morgan, Jane Krakowski and Judah Friedlander, among other familiar faces.

created by: Tina Fey
cast: Tina Fey, Tracy Morgan, Alec Baldwin
Number of seasons: 7

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Red Oaks on Amazon Prime

red oaks

red oaks Doesn’t offer much in the way of length. However, while you can easily binge an entire three seasons in a single weekend, the casual pacing makes it more suitable for quick installments. Set during the 1980s, the show centers on a young tennis player (Craig Roberts) who opts for a job at the exclusive Red Oaks Country Club during the summer between his sophomore year of college and junior year. Which is a warm and heartfelt nod to a major sex comedy of that decade. dry humor and a solid ensemble that includes Ennis Esmer As the hilarious tennis pro Nash, red oaks Rises above the cacophony to create characters you really care about.

created by: Gregory Jacobs, Joe Gangemi
cast: Craig Roberts, Jennifer Grey, Paul Reiser
Number of seasons: 3

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A Mississippi on Amazon Prime

One Mississippi

The death of a loved one doesn’t sound like the most auspicious start for a comedy series, but One Mississippi Anything other than traditional. Starring comedian Tig Notaro as a fictionalized version of himself, the show is based on several tragedies in his real life. Still battling breast cancer, the fictional Tig returns to her hometown in Mississippi to find that her mother has been taken off life support and decides to live and reunite with her stepfather and brother. Despite the disappointing first chapter, One Mississippi Not a relentless drama. The show balances sadness and joy alike, examining the long, up-and-down process of trauma and recovery.

created by: Tig Notaro, Diablo Cody
cast: Tig Notaro, Noah Harpster, John Rothman
Number of seasons: 2

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