The best rom-coms on Amazon Prime Video right now

Romantic comedy is a classic genre and one that remains timeless. There is nothing better than affirming the power of love while rolling on the floor laughing. Everyone can line up for a good rom-com from time to time. Luckily, Amazon Prime Video has an awesome lineup that spans the ages. From absolute classics to modern hits, we’ve compiled a list of the best rom-coms on Amazon Prime Video right now.

Amazon Prime Video isn’t short on titles, but it might not have what you’re looking for. Luckily, we’ve got it round too best romantic comedies on netflix And the best romantic comedy on Hulu.

Steve Carell and Keira Knightley in search of a friend for the end of the world

Looking for a Friend for the End of the World (2012)

An asteroid is headed toward Earth, and – in less than a month – it will destroy the planet and everyone on it. In such a situation, Dodge’s wife leaves him there. After his young neighbor Penny delivers a letter from Dodge’s ex-girlfriend, Dodge learns that he wants the world to end with love in his life. Accompanied by Penny, Dodge embarks on a road trip to find a long-lost love, only to find something special in front of her along the way.

rotten Tomatoes: 55%
Stars: Steve Carell, Keira Knightley, Connie Britton
Director: Lorraine Scafaria
Rating: r
sequence: 101 minutes

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Kate Winslet and Emma Thompson in Sense and Sensibility

Sense and Sensibility (1995)

Original romantic comedy writer Jane Austen gets a worthy adaptation in Ang Lee’s sense and Sensibility. Helmed by an excellent cast, this British period piece is positively delightful. After the death of her father, the family of Elinor Dashwood (Emma Thompson) is financially crippled. Forced to move to a cottage in Devonshire, Elinor’s sister Marianne (Kate Winslet) is under pressure to marry. While Marianne fights between the two men, Elinor soon strikes up a romance with Edward Ferrers (Hugh Grant), who just so happens to be engaged. Searching for love in the wrong places, the two sisters try to find some semblance of continuity despite the constant changes in their lives.

rotten Tomatoes: 95%
Stars: Emma Thompson, Alan Rickman, Kate Winslet, Hugh Grant
Director: Lee
Rating: PG
sequence: 125 minutes

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weird face

Funny Face (1957)

If you’re looking for a window into the distant past, weird face One of the golden ages of Hollywood is a stellar example of rom-com music. Fred Astaire stars as Dick Avery, a fashion photographer who seeks to find a new model who combines mind and beauty. Dick soon discovers Joe Stockton (Audrey Hepburn), a simple bookstore assistant who has no desire to be a model. Regardless, Dick and Joe have undeniable chemistry together, even though their collaboration places many obstacles in the way of their potential relationship.

rotten Tomatoes: 87%
Stars: Audrey Hepburn, Fred Astaire, Kay Thompson, Michelle Auclair, Robert Fleming
Director: Stanley Donan
Rating: n/a
sequence: 103 minutes

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Tony Curtis and Jack Lemon in Something Like It Hot

Some Like It Hot (1959)

no one can ever blame some Like It Hot Being a drag! This is another all-time classic rom-com, starring the iconic Marilyn Monroe as Sugar “Ken” Kowalski. Comedy veterans Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon co-titled the film as composers Joe and Jerry. After witnessing a mob killing, Joe and Jerry disguise themselves as “Josephine” and “Daphne” in Sugar’s all-girl band. Joe is so infatuated with sugar that he even pretends to be “Junior” the millionaire bachelor of his dreams. Meanwhile, “Daphne” lands an actual millionaire, Osgood Fielding III (Joe E. Brown). And Osgood simply won’t take it for an answer.

rotten Tomatoes: 95%
Stars: Marilyn Monroe, Tony Curtis, Jack Lemmon, George Raft, Joe E. Brown
Director: billy wilder
Rating: n/a
sequence: 121 minutes

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return to me

return to me (2000)

Two decades ago, David Duchovny was still fresh The X Files when he co-titled return to me. Surprisingly, he is as honest and reliable as Bob Rueland, an architect and a happily married man. Unfortunately, Bob’s life takes a tragic turn when his wife, Elizabeth Rueland (Jolie Richardson), dies in a car accident. And yet Elizabeth’s death changes the life of Grace Briggs (Mini Driver), a young woman who receives Elizabeth’s heart in a transplant. Whether through event or luck, Bob and Grace enter each other’s orbit and they soon become romantically attracted to each other.

rotten Tomatoes: 62%
Stars: David Duchovny, Minnie Driver, Carol O’Connor, Robert Loggia, David Alan Grier
Director: bonnie hunt
Rating: PG
sequence: 115 minutes

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Tiny Perfect Things Map

The Map of Tiny Perfect Things (2021)

Mark (Kyle Allen), a teenager with big dreams, is caught in a constant time loop. Living the same day over and over again, he seeks to help others by anticipating their next move and proceeding to assist. When Mark meets Margaret (Kathrin Newton), a teenage girl who is caught in a loop of her own, the two form a quick connection and begin discussing when and how to break their ends. But leaving their endless chakras, will they also let go of each other? Based on a short story by the film’s screenwriter Lev Grossman, Tiny Perfect Things Map A heartfelt and original film, led by two charismatic performances from Newton and Allen.

rotten Tomatoes: 78%
Stars: Katherine Newton, Kyle Allen, Josh Hamilton
Director: Ian Samuels
Rating: PG-13
sequence: 99 minutes

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Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008)

Following Peter Bretter’s (Jason Segal) breakup with Sarah Marshall (Kristen Bell), the struggling musician decides to treat himself to an air escape. Arriving at the resort, Peter’s plans for decompression are immediately challenged when he learns that Sarah is also vacationing on the island with her new boyfriend, the obnoxious Aldous Snow (Russell Brand), a British singer-songwriter. Before Peter can begin to fully appreciate the crossing at this bad time, a hotel employee named Rachel (Mila Kunis) swoops in, giving Peter hope for new love and working through his feelings about Sarah. gives a chance to. A well written, cheesy rom-com, Forgetting Sarah Marshall There’s a powerful ensemble of supporting talent, including Jonah Hill and Paul Rudd.

rotten Tomatoes: 83%
Stars: Jason Segal, Mila Kunis, Russell Brand
Director: Nicholas Stoller
Rating: r
sequence: 112 minutes

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Britney Runs Marathon on Amazon Prime
Anna Kuris / Amazon Studio Studio

Brittany Runs a Marathon (2019)

Many people make a very, very public deal about their journey to running a marathon. The film is a realistic depiction of what really happens when those people set out on that journey. Jillian Bell stars as an overweight woman who sets out to train and run for the New York Marathon, believing that by getting in shape, she’ll change her life for the better. However, she finds that the changes that come are negative as well as positive. Brittany realizes that many of her issues are related to how she looks on the outside, rather than who she is on the inside. It strikes a fine balance between drama and comedy and reminds the audience that you cannot move forward in life if you cannot learn to love yourself first.

rotten Tomatoes: 88%
Stars: Jillian Bell, Michaela Watkins, Utkarsh Ambudkar, Lil Riley Howery, Micah Stock
Director: Paul Downs Collazo
Rating: r
sequence: 103 minutes

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What if on Amazon Prime

What if (2013)

Danielle Radcliffe and Zoe Kazan shine in this easy-to-watch, feel-good love story. When Wallace (Radcliffe), with a long string of bad relationships, befriends Chantry (Kazan) immediately, unfortunately, she learns that she lives with her longtime boyfriend. Instead of falling in love, they try to figure out what it means to be best friends with your soulmate. It’s often harder to be friends than to be lovers, and this funny movie dares to ask, “What if they” are doing just to be friends? “

rotten Tomatoes: 73%
Stars: Daniel Radcliffe, Zoe Kazan, Adam Driver, Megan Park
Director: Michael Downs
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 102 minutes

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Priceless on Amazon Prime

Anmol (2006)

Inspired by breakfast at Tiffany’s, this french film, original title more, is a certain I do not know what. Jean is a waiter/barman at a luxury hotel who meets Irene, a gold digger who hunts wealthy men, offers them support and sex for their lavish lifestyle. Hanging out at an empty bar for a millionaire guest, Jean, and not the barman himself, flirts and spends the night with him. Through a series of secret encounters and casual encounters that follow, Jean tries to maintain this ploy, while being difficult for the mysterious woman. Is she falling for him too? It’s a predictable story that won’t give any crazy twists. But it will satisfy your desire for humor with just the right dose of sadness.

rotten Tomatoes: 82%
Stars: Gad Elmaleh, Audrey Tautou, Marie-Christine Adam
Rating: PG-13
Runtime: 104 minutes

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The Big Sick on Amazon Prime

The Big Sick (2017)

Oscar nominated film the big sick Based on the real-life courtship of Kumail Nanjiani and his writing partner and wife, Emily Gordon. Nanjiani, a Pakistani-born comedian from a traditional family, falls in love with Emily, a graduate student, but struggles to deal with the clashes of family culture. When Emily falls ill with a mysterious illness, she begins to have a change of heart. Ultimately, the big sick There is a beautiful, illuminating exploration of loving someone – or – it’s falling In love with someone – even in a short time.

rotten Tomatoes: 98%
Stars: Kumail Nanjiani, Zoe Kazan, Holly Hunter, Ray Romano
Director: Michael Showalter
Rating: r
Runtime: 120 minutes

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what men want on amazon prime

What Men Want (2019)

A loose remake and role reversal of the Mel Gibson and Helen Hunt 2000 film What does a woman want It is this time a woman who meets a psychic and hits him on the head, awake with the ability to listen to the thoughts and desires of the men around her. In the original film, Mel Gibson’s character…

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