The red PS5 controller is a different red to the red Xbox Series X controller

‘Cosmic Red’ is somewhere between crimson and raspberry

While the PS5’s divisive two-tone design has prompted some to swap out larger pieces of plastic for a more unified look, at least this month Sony released some official new color options for the excellent DualSense controller. There are now “Cosmic Red” and “Midnight Black” models that may appeal to you more than the black and white default.

The black controller doesn’t sound so interesting, but as a fan of the red items I ordered the red one to see how it looked in person. The color is actually quite unusual – Sony’s marketing information puts the controller in front of a bright red nebula, in keeping with the name “Cosmic Red”, and it’s a pretty good match.

Basically, it’s a little pinker than you’d expect, falling somewhere between crimson, ruby, and raspberry. I think it looks great with the black trim and feels fit for the PS5’s aesthetic.

And yes, the tiny PlayStation symbol microtextures are back, though it’s still pretty much impossible to see with the naked eye:

A close-up of the new PS5 controller’s microtexture.

Sony has been quite slow to release its first PS5 controller color variations. Microsoft had Black, White, and Blue options available at the launch of the Xbox Series X and Series S, and soon followed with Red, Yellow, and Camo options.

I also have the Red Series X controller, and it’s a much more straightforward, primary-color shade than the PS5. When they are next to each other the difference is very obvious.

Red PS5 controller next to its Xbox Series counterpart.

The red and black PS5 controllers are out this week in Japan and should be available in North America next week, though it’ll probably be hard to find stock just like the PS5. The black version costs $69.99, while the red version is $5 more expensive at $74.99 for some inexplicable reason.

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