The Witcher season 2: release date, trailer, cast, set photos and what we know

The Witcher Season 2 finally has its first trailer (scroll down for more) — and a release date is approaching the last three months of 2021. After a long, long wait, we’ll finally see Geralt of Rivia back almost two years later. Season 1 landed in December 2019, and we couldn’t be more excited.

But what else do we know about The Witcher Season 2 so far? Quite a lot, it turns out, from the cast to the plot details. The storyline of these upcoming episodes will see Geralt and Siri travel together, and unlike the complex time structure of Season 1, you can predict this will be much simpler as the story is told in a more linear fashion. is.

As mentioned, we finally have the first trailer for Season 2, and though it doesn’t give much away, it at least gives us a small glimpse of where things are headed in these new episodes. This guide will break down everything we know about The Witcher Season 2 on Netflix so far, into story, cast, release date, and more. Here’s what you need to know about Geralt’s return…

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The Witcher season 2 release date: confirmed for 2021

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The Witcher Season 2 release date will be in 2021, Netflix has confirmed – coming at an unspecified time in the last quarter of this year. but it is Coming. “We anticipate that paid membership growth will accelerate again in the second half of 2021 as we build a very strong back half with the return of big hits like Sex Education, The Witcher, La Casa de Papel (aka Money Heist) Let the slate ramp in. You,” Netflix said in a recent letter to investors.

Netflix later clarified a specific Q4 2021 release date window for The Witcher season 2 — therefore, between October and the end of December. Only then will you finally be able to see it.

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The Witcher season 2 trailer: Watch the series for the first time

Netflix has released an ultra brief first look at The Witcher Season 2, so count this as your first official trailer for the series’ return.

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The Witcher season 2 first photos

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In October 2020, Netflix released first look photos of Geralt, Yennefer and Siri in Season 2 of The Witcher while shooting.

Clearly, Ciri is holding some sort of weapon in these promotional pics, which suggests that this season will focus on how she is trained as an Honorary Witcher at Carr Moren.

In December 2020, Netflix released more photos of the show, which you can check out below.

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In late 2020, Netflix released the first page of the script for The Witcher Season 2, Episode 1. It doesn’t offer much, but it’s for the best until a trailer finally rolls out.

The Witcher season 2 cast: New and returning cast members including Vesemiro

Henry Cavill (Geralt), Anya Chalotra (Yennefer) and freya allen (Siri) The Witcher is all set to return for Season 2. The full cast for the show has been revealed by Netflix, including major new characters.

Three new witches are apparently joining the cast: Lambert, played by Paul Bullion, and Coen, played by Yassen Attour (Netflix only announced that the two had joined the cast, while Redanian Intelligence revealed they were witches). This has raised hopes that The Witcher Season 2 will take us to Carr Moren, where witches are trained. And, in fact, fans of the book and games will already be familiar with Lambert and Escale, both of whom, like Geralt and Wesemir, belong to the Wolf Witcher school.

In September, reports circulated that the show had reprized Escale’s upcoming role, to be played by a Swiss actor. Tulsi Eidenbenz. He has joined the show after making a change in casting due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It’s interesting that the producers are throwing in additional witches for Season 2, simply because these monster-slaying pros are generally considered a dying breed (at least, in the books and video games). You won’t find many, but there are still references to other witcher schools, such as the cat and the bear.

The School of the Wolf, which belongs to the Witcher faction Geralt, is one of the few Witcher Schools that are actively doing anything against the demon threat facing the continent.

In May 2020, Redanian Intelligence rumored that the third new witch to appear in The Witcher Season 2 would be Heimrik, played by Joel Adrian.

In terms of more official announcements for the cast, we know Killing Eves Kim Bodnia Witch Trainer, Vesemir, and . plays Kristofer Hivju —Game of Thrones’ Tormund Giantsbane — will play Nivellen. Other castings include messia simson as Francesca, Aisha Fabien Ross Lydia and as Agnes Bjorn as Veerena. deadline report that Carmel Laniado Violet has joined the cast as a young character for at least three episodes.

Returning characters from season one include – Thanks the Heaven – Jaskier (Joy Baate) and Tris (Anna Shaffer) Eamon Faren Will also return as Cahir. Other familiar faces from season one will include Ticia (mya buring, Filavandrel (tom canton), stregobor (Lars Mickelson), Artorius (Terence Maynard), Sabrina (Therika Wilson Read), Murta (lily cooper), Yarpen Zigrin (Jeremy Crawford) and Istrade (Royce Pearson)

Thu Ersted Rasmussen was set to play fellow witch, Eskel, but rescheduling conflicts related to the coronavirus meant he would have to be recast. Actor Basil Eidenbenz will replace Eskell.

Characters from The Witcher Games are also destined for The Witcher Season 2. According to Redanian Intelligence, the witty, powerful queen of Lyria and Rivia is to be played by Maeve, who is introduced in the game Thronebreaker: The Witcher’s Tales. Rebecca Hansen (Enola Homes). is then alastair parker, who played Cleaver in The Witcher 3 video game (also via Radeon Intelligence), appears in an undisclosed role.

In March 2021, Netflix revealed seven more characters who were added to the cast. He was: adjoa endoh As Neneke, the priest of Melitele in the books, liz carey as a fan, simon callo As Fenn’s fellow coderinger, Graham McTavish As Dijkstra, head of the Andean Armed Forces, Chris Fulton as Dana Rence, Cassie Claire The Andean royal advisors as Philip Eilhart and Downton Abbey kevin doyle As Balian, a new character.

The Witcher season 2 will have an entirely different director for season one, and Netflix has confirmed who they are:

  • Ed Bazelgate (The Last Kingdom, Doctor Who)
  • Sarah O’Gorman (Jamestown, Damned)
  • Geeta Patel (Santa Clarita Diet, Meet the Patels)
  • Stephen Surjic (Daredevil, The Umbrella Academy)

When it comes to the writing team, Hisrich explained: Twitter Her recruitment process in the context of the diversity and knowledge of the Witch’s world. Responding to whether the best writers are the most knowledgeable, he wrote “Yes. And equally important, no.” Instead, Hissrich seeks a spectrum of life, writing, and style experiences for those who “love the world, but aren’t afraid to question it. Who are fans, but to step back and bring their own minds.” Ready to open your mind to our real (big) sweet world.”

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The Witcher Season 2 Prequel Announced: What is The Witcher: Blood Origins?

In July 2020, Netflix announced The Witcher: Blood Origin, a six-part live-action prequel series about the first witch. The summary is as follows: “1200 years before Geralt of Rivia, the worlds of demons, men and elves merged into one, and the first Witcher came.”

Lauren Schmidt Heisrich and series writer Declan De Barra are behind the new show, which will have a whole new cast.

The Witcher season 2 story: what we know, and what happens in the books

Now that we have the official synopsis for Season 2 of The Witcher, it’s been confirmed that, as expected, Ciri will take center stage. With Geralt thinking that Yennefer died at the Battle of Soden at the end of the first season, the White Wolf takes his young magician charge to Carr Moren’s childhood haunt. Expect some stunning, sweeping vistas of Geralt’s house, if this game is anything to go by.

It should come as no surprise that Cyrilla is the main focus this next season. In the books, the story of Giri forms the central plot of the ‘saga’. The saga consists of five books, which begin with Blood of Elves, and center on Siri, her importance as a magical royal with an Elven legacy, her relationship with Geralt, her relentless attempts to survive, and all of this. How that shapes events on the continent.

The setup for this has already begun, as the beginning of Blood of Elves is covered in Season 1 by the siege, the fall of Sintra, and Siri’s subsequent escape. Elsewhere, The Witcher Season 2 is expected to see more life under the Nilfgaardian regime, as tensions between humans and non-humans rise.

A big talking point of The Witcher Season 1 was how it told stories in multiple locations and in a non-linear timeline (though the official Witcher now released). Map and the witch Time Really help make sense of the show) resulting in a multi-fiction anthology.

In an interview with Vulture discussing the anomalous structure of Season 1, Hisrich said that while he believes he didn’t give the audience too much credit—”viewers are incredibly smart”—…

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