Epic buys Fuser studio Harmonix to bring music to Fortnite

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fuser Studio Harmonix is ​​now part of Epic Games. the studio said general question That new ownership will enable it to “challenge expectations once again as we bring our unique brand of music gaming experience to the Metaverse.”

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The new ownership will not affect existing projects at Harmonix: The Fuser program will continue and Rock Band DLC releases will continue into 2022. (Sorry, but new Rock Band instruments are not planned.) Harmonix also confirmed that the Fuser and VR rhythm shooter audique Will remain on Steam, and there are currently no plans to shut down servers for any older Harmonix games.

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What exactly is next, Harmonix didn’t elaborate, but said the metaverse in this context meant—you guessed it—fortnite,


“Our team will be working with Epic to create the musical journey and gameplay for Fortnite,” Harmonix said. “While we’re not ready to share any details, the entire team is incredibly excited to get started.”

The acquisition actually seems like a pretty good fit. We said back in 2019 that “Fortnite is about making music now”, and so is Harmonix, which specializes in music-based games like Guitar Hero and Rock Band (though Rock Band never made it to PC). . Fortnite has also become the home of popular virtual music festivals, featuring artists bts, Travis Scott, And Ariana Grande, Fuser is really cool (even when it’s heavily abused), and I think it’ll be really interesting to see what the studio comes up with next under Epic’s banner.

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