Colonizing alien planets is a huge topic in the science-fiction media with the endless possibilities of what life might be like in space. While there are some real-world ethical and moral concerns to space colonization, sci-fi often takes an optimistic view of how it might increase the longevity of the human race. Aven Colony Gives players the opportunity to imagine prosperous space colonies as a city-building strategy game light-years away from Earth. The game offers a relaxing escapism in the rewarding yet challenging gameplay to build the ultimate space colony.

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As a city-builder, players typically engage with the gameplay of either actually Aven Colony Or find it disjointed after a point. While some foreign threats have to be dealt with, Aven Colony is primarily a city-builder and as such is all about slow and dedicated gameplay, slowly building up along with the players. The game is light-hearted, though, with lovely supernatural settings and some comedic colonial animations. Since the game is free on the Epic Games Store, it’s a great option for fans of the genre, and some people may even find themselves addicted to the game.


Gameplay and setting

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In Aven Colony, The player oversees the construction and management of a settlement on the alien planet, Aven Prime. Many of the common tropes of city-builders are included, such as growing food, building quarters to live in, exploring, mining, and expanding settlements. Aven Colony There are some nice details to flesh out its sci-fi setting, like colonists driving hover cars and some space-specific mechanics. Players will need to ensure their colony produces oxygen, avoid alien threats, and contend with an alien climate. These threats vary, including a mysterious alien that stomps on buildings until they are deflected by drones, but most players don’t struggle too much with them.

A funny space mechanic is that the temperature drops to zero at night, so food production freezes and the solar panels don’t work as well. In the above foreign climate Aven Colony There are various storms and dangerous hazards involved in entering the city. The game has both a sandbox and campaign mode that gives players space to get to grips with the mechanics, at whatever pace they want. Again, the game is all about putting time into the gameplay so that players can reveal their vision of the space colony. With stunning exotic scenarios, the game is suitable for players who enjoy such gameplay mechanics, as well as accessible to any sci-fi fans. Finally, the space colony created Aven Colony One is democratic, with regular elections held that could see the player being voted out of power if the colonists’ morale is not kept high.

Appeals and Limitations

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Since then Aven Colony The initial release in 2017 saw two major updates with new mechanics and building types that expanded on the game nicely. Aven Colony has been compared repeatedly, and positively living mars and other popular city builders like City: Skylines, So fans of those games are likely to enjoy the experience. Aven Colony. The game also attracted some inevitable comparisons simcity, And while there are some light-hearted, comical elements to both games, Aven Colony is very close to living mars Or City: Skylines.

for most reviews Aven Colony Playtime has also been cited as a potential concern, with many players reporting that, while the mechanics can be challenging at first, they were less motivated to play the game once they were mastered. . it really makes Aven Colony One big advantage of being free on the Epic Games Store is that, while some players only get 30 or so hours out of the game, others have racked up over 100 hours. So getting a chance to play Aven Colony Without deciding whether it’s worth the price, many players may be surprised by how much they enjoy it.

Aven Colony Now available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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