Epic Games to work with “Among Us” creator on future project

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Epic Games is working with “Between Us” creator Innersloth after something new finally accept Indie developer’s influence on its Imposters mode in “Fortnite”.

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why it matters: This is the first time Epic has publicly acknowledged the game’s apparent resemblance to Innersloth’s breakout hit, in which players attempt to complete tasks while rooting out a traitor in their midst.

  • In a blog post Tuesday, Epic noted a number of improvements in its latest update to Imposters, a “game mode inspired by ‘Among Us’ from Innersloth.”
  • “Among Us” which was launched in 2018 is finally gaining massive success in 2020 as the year most downloaded mobile game.
  • “Between Us,” like “Fortnite”‘s imposter mode, is about a team of players who complete assigned tasks together while rooting out sabotages.
  • The official account of “Fortnite” on Twitter tweeted Today in Innersloth that it “never got to talk about how you inspired us. How do you go about working on something funny sometimes?” Before adding “in our DMs!”

Flashback: Epic introduced Imposters Mode in August, prompting frustration from many Innersloth employees.

  • “We’d love to collaborate and find out about it at the same time as everyone else finds out,” community director Victoria Tran told Nerdshala in August. that later tweeted While the gameplay mechanics “shouldn’t be gatekeeping… at the very least the different themes or terminology would make things more interesting.”
  • Company co-founder Marcus Bromander tweeted That Innersloth didn’t patent the “among us” mechanics. I don’t think it leads to a healthier games industry. Is it really that hard to put 10% more effort into putting your own spin on it?

Between the lines: Although developers borrowed and adapted mechanics and ideas from peers all the time, this particular example — versus the creators of the mega-popular “Fortnite” versus a small, independent team with a breakout hit — was particularly grim.

  • The very apparent Twitter exchange between the two developers today is a two-fold accomplishment: promoting a new collaboration, while also making public revisions.
  • Reached for comment, a Fortnite spokesperson directed Nerdshala to that Twitter thread.


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