ESO crafting guide: How to craft in The Elder Scrolls Online

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the Elder Scrolls Online Provides you with a wealth of content to explore. Whether you’re diving into dungeons, doing some solo quests, or engaging in competitive PvP, there’s no shortage of dangerous situations to get lost in.

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Outside of combat, however, you have just as many options – all thanks to the robust crafting system. This He The crafting guide will teach you the basics of its complex system, including how to deconstruct unwanted items, improve your favorite gear, and explain why crafting is so important. He Experience.

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ESO Crafting Overview

ESO player mining ore.

a core part of crafting the Elder Scrolls Online. You can certainly choose to avoid it – but you’ll be missing out on a lot of gold and a lot of great gear. It’s also a great way to keep your equipment up to date and recycle unwanted loot.

In short, crafting lets you build new items, rebuild unwanted gear, and improve the quality of your favorite equipment. Crafting can only be done at designated crafting stations – usually found in every major city – and the amount of crafts you can craft is based on your skill level. Whether you’re making or destroying equipment, you can rest assured that your crafting level is slowly increasing.

Crafting Skill Lines at ESO

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No matter what you are interested in making, He gives the ability to create. There are various crafting skill lines here, from heavy armor and hulls to mage robes and potions the Elder Scrolls Online – With items they’ll let you make:

  • Alchemy: Craft poisons and potions using natural resources found in Tamriel.
  • Blacksmith: Use ore to make ingots, then use your ingots to make blades, armor, and other metal-based items.
  • Clothes: Combine different types of fabrics and fibers to weave together new light and medium armor.
  • Enchanting: Craft glyphs that are capable of enchanting armor and weapons by combining runes collected in the wild.
  • Provision: Cook a meal or make a drink using ingredients collected – or stolen – from around you.
  • wood work: Carve stairs, bows, shields and furniture using a variety of woods and resins.

In addition to those six basic crafting systems, the DLC content and expansions offer the following crafting options. These function in a different fashion than the six listed above but still provide a great way to customize and upgrade your character:

  • Antiquities: Available as part of the Greymoor Update, this system lets you cry for the hidden relics scattered across Tamriel. This is more of a gathering activity than a crafting activity, but it has been a popular version of He since its arrival.
  • Jewelry Crafting: Available since the Somerset expansion, Jewelry Crafting lets you create – or improve – your favorite rings and necklaces. Of the three skills on this list, it’s like the six main crafting lines.
  • Conversions: This crafting system lets you reconfigure your weapons and armor traits to better meet your needs.

resource mobilization

Plants gathering ESO player.

Before you can actually start crafting, you’ll need to venture into the woods and collect the necessary resources. Ore, runes, materials, and everything else needed for crafting can be freely collected by roaming the streets and dusty streets of Tamriel. However, you’ll need a sharp eye to find the resources you’re looking for – they are often off the beaten path and blend in with their surroundings. Thankfully, each crafting skill line offers certain abilities to make this task easier.

The first one is Kean I. This passive skill will expose nearby resources, making them difficult to miss. As you improve this figure, the range in which the resource is published will gradually increase. If you prefer to explore each area and harvest the items yourself, this is an essential skill.

He Also offers another passive for each skill line – Hairlings. Spend points to hone this skill, and you’ll get a message in your mailbox containing different components every day. Rank up skills, however, and you’ll earn more frequent drops and higher quality resources.

Find a Crafting Station

ESO Player using Blacksmith Station.

Once you’ve gathered all your resources, it’s time to head to a crafting station. Most major cities have a section with a crafting station for each crafting skill, though you can also find cooking stations in campsites scattered throughout Tamriel.

Once you find a station, interact with it to pull up the crafting menu. Crafting largely works the same for all skills, although there are slight variations between them. Regardless, the main options you’ll have when trying to craft are:


Refine is the first option in the crafting menu. This is also the first step in creating an item from scratch. Refining is used to convert raw materials – such as iron ore – into iron ingots that can be used as building blocks for new gear. You’ll often need several components to refine them, so make sure you’ve stocked up before attempting to start the process.


After the raw material has been refined into something useful, you are ready to craft. The Construction tab will give you a variety of options for building it, including the type of item you want to build, the material it will be made from, the style of the item, and any included traits. Here’s a closer look at each:

  • type: Choose the item you want to make — to make a blacksmith, this includes swords, axes, daggers, and more.
  • Stuff: Select the finishing material you want to use for crafting. The higher your level, the better material you can use.
  • Style: Choose the style — the look — of your quick-to-make item. This requires very specific components, such as Flint for an Argonian style or Adamantite for a High Elf style. Genres must first be learned by reading various genre books which are found throughout He.
  • Speciality: Add different types of buff to your gear using gems. This includes improving physical and special resistance with Turquoise, increasing XP gain with Carnelian, and many more.


after playing He For a few days, your list will be cluttered with hundreds of unwanted items. Instead of selling them, consider deconstructing them. Not only is this a great way to level up your respective crafting skill line, but you’ll also run into lots of useful crafting components.


If you have the right resources, you can improve the quality of gear through crafting. Whether you’re improving Epic to Superior or Epic to Legendary, you’ll need very specific components for a successful upgrade – listed on the crafting screen. Failing the process will destroy your item, so be very careful when using this powerful feature.


Researching an object is an alternative to its reconstruction. Gear will be consumed in the process, but you’ll walk away with knowledge of the trait that can later be applied to anything you craft.

craft decor

Some crafting skill lines will let you design furniture for your own personal home. You’ll need to find or purchase a furnishing plan first, then make sure all of your skills meet the minimum requirements for crafting. Then, gather the necessary resources, head to a crafting station, and build items like you would anything else.

How to quickly level up crafting skills in ESO

Khajit theft provision material.

If you’re looking to level up your crafting skill lines as quickly as possible, you’re not alone. Most of the players at ESO are trying to power-level their lines to create more powerful — and flashy gear — that’s only accessible to high-level crafters. While there is no real shortcut other than putting in hours, these two activities are the most popular:

  • Daily Crafting Articles: Crafting is not only one of the best ways to hone your skills, but they also give you concrete goals to work on beyond just watching your crafting level go up. You’ll need to get certified first – just talk to Daniel Taleno or Millineth, both of which can be found near most crafting stations – but after that, you can pick these up daily and earn massive amounts of experience and gold. are free.
  • Deconstructing Gear: As mentioned earlier, deconstructing unwanted gear is an incredible way to quickly level up your crafting skill lines He. Like crafting or refining—which require a variety of specialized resources—just about anything you pick up from a quest can be quickly deconstructed. Anyone looking to power-level their crafting skills will want to take advantage of this powerful feature.

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