Every iPhone 13 rumor we hope comes true at Apple's Sept. 14 event

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What features will be included in the next iPhone?

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it’s part of the story apple eventOur full coverage of the latest news from Apple HQ.


Apple’s rumored new iPhone 13 may get its big reveal Apple’s next event on September 14, and it’s a good time to postpone any phone buying decisions until we find out what might happen in the 2021 iPhone. ever-increasing number Rumors about the next iPhone Looks like everyday. I make some requests to the universe, based on rumors and leaks, for the features and upgrades I’d like to see iphone 13. I also take a look at what the iPhone 13 needs in order to be successful. Consider this my iPhone 13 wish list.

And just to be clear, this Huh Rumors and leaks. Nothing is certain until Apple announces it. Some of these rumors are from the past few months. there are many others month or even years old and keeps moving back towards relevance. Nerdshala Has Too Much Intel iPhone 13 rumored pricehandjob Designhandjob camerashandjob release date And how can the iPhone 13 Compare to iPhone 12.

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Apple iPhone 13 will reportedly feature satellite connectivity

iPhone 13 may get bigger battery

The first rumor is that the iPhone 13 will get a bigger battery. iPhone 12 battery life is good. In use, both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro lasted for a day without any issues. In our battery test with video looped in Airplane Mode, the 12 Pro lasted 15 hours, 56 minutes; iPhone 12 lasted for 17 hours 14 minutes.

But it’s far from the best battery life we’ve seen. NS Samsung Galaxy S21, with its 4,500-mAh battery, lasted 18 hours, 3 minutes in a single test. The Galaxy S21 Ultra and its 5,000mAh battery lasted for 22 hours 57 minutes. And both of those phones have high refresh-rate displays, which can tax the battery more.

While Apple never reveals the capacity of the batteries inside the iPhone, sites like I fix it, which sells battery replacement kits, reveals that both the iPhone 12 and 12 Pro use a 2,815-mAh battery. What’s impressive is that Apple gets so much life out of that tiny battery entirely through the efficiency of its A-series processor and iOS software.

Now imagine applying those capabilities to a large physical battery. It’s a rumor that I hope is true and that I think the next iPhone needs. I mean, who doesn’t want better battery life?


The next iPhone is rumored to have a screen with a higher refresh rate which could be good for making those Apple Arcade games even better.

The iPhone 13 may have a display with a higher refresh rate

Since 2017, the iPad Pro has had a 120Hz refresh rate. Now that panel is an LCD, but rumors point to the iPhone 13 getting a higher refresh rate OLED. For years many of us yearned to see this feature in the iPhone. There are many phones at different price points that have screens with higher refresh rates like $300 OnePlus Nord N10 5G, which has a 90Hz display. NS $500 Galaxy A52 5G, ns $800 Galaxy S21 And this $1,200 S21 Ultra Each has a 120Hz display. in April, Asus launches ROG Phone 5, with 144Hz screen. and in March, RedMagic 6 phone announced with 165Hz screen. For comparison, the iPhone 12 has a 60Hz screen.

Why do you need a higher refresh rate? Simply, it makes everything look better. Broad normalization aside, animations and graphics look sharp, motion blur is reduced, games (especially those designed for high refresh rate screens) feel more immersive and vivid. Think about how great 120Hz is Apple Arcade Games could see.

ipad pro smart connector

If there was an iPhone with no ports, could something like Smart Connector contacts from the iPad Pro be the way to charge it?

The next iPhone needs a 120Hz screen, at least the “Pro” models do. it will be another The “Pro” feature that helps differentiate the high-end iPhone Pro models for the regular and mini versions.

There are new rumors that the “Pro” model will have LTPO displays. LTPO stands for Low Temperature Polycrystalline Oxide. Essentially, an LTPO display can switch between refresh rates on the fly without the need for additional display hardware. The Galaxy S21 Ultra released in February uses an LTPO display, which Samsung claims has allowed it to be brighter without using much power.

There may be no port on the next iPhone

one is unshakable Rumor has it that the iPhone 13 will not have a Lightning port. Ever since Apple got rid of the headphone jack iPhone 7 in 2016. withAfter all, people speculated that Apple would one day make a completely portless phone. credible rumor mongers in December Ming-Chi Kuo claims Apple will release iPhone without port in 2021.

Apple’s launch iPhone 12. On MagSafe Charging Such a port-free future makes it easy to imagine. However, in its current form, MagSafe charging tops out at 15 watts. Compare this to the 20-watt charging that you get with a Lightning-to-USB-C cable and wall charger. OnePlus has a wireless charger called the . is called Warp Charge 30 Which can be charged at 30 watts.

Not only will the next version of MagSafe need to be more powerful for a proper replacement for the physical charging cable, but Apple will also need to resolve some of the data sharing that the Lightning port currently provides. Maybe Apple is hoping 5Ghandjob Wi-Fi 6Bluetooth 5.0 and above U1 Ultrawideband Chip Are they a data-sharing replacement? Or maybe there will be a version of MagSafe with a Lightning port dongle? Who knows?

Apple may make the next iPhone something similar to the Smart Connector found on the current iPad Pro. While the USB-C port on the iPad Pro gets all the attention, there are three flat metal contacts on the back of the iPad. when you use Magic Keyboard Accessory with iPad Pro, it connects to the iPad via the Smart Connector and magnets. You can plug the USB-C cable into the side of the Magic Keyboard to charge the iPad Pro. during most days global pandemic, I used Magic Keyboard to charge my iPad via Smart Connector.

Maybe there will be “Smart MagSafe” charging on the next iPhone? Even if this rumor is true, removing the previous iPhone port isn’t something Apple needs to do right now.


Rumors point to new camera hardware in all four iPhone 13 models and the regular Pro model getting cameras on par with the Pro Max version.

iPhone 13 may get new cameras

The biggest feature and the biggest rumors revolve around the cameras on the iPhone. And there’s a slew of rumors pointing to new lenses, new camera sensors, and wider adoption of sensor-based stabilization across the iPhone line up.

Currently, the iPhone 12 Pro has the same selfie, wide and ultrawide cameras as the iPhone 12 and 12 Mini. The Pro has a 2x telephoto camera, but it’s not quite the same as the 2.5x one on the iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 Pro may get a bigger sensor for its wide camera. This rumor does not reveal whether it will be exactly the same as on the iPhone 13 Pro Max or not. But the larger sensor could incorporate sensor-based stabilization, which is currently only on the iPhone 12 Pro Max model.

The iPhone 13 Pro is also rumored to get the same or similar telephoto camera as the 13 Pro Max. This means that the next regular “Pro” model will be closer to the Pro Max model. Whereas this year 12 and 12 Pro are quite similar.

There have been some rumors about a new ultrawide camera on the iPhone 13, or iPhone 14. (Yes, there are already rumors about the next next iPhone!) 13 can achieve better low-light performance and a sharper aperture lens. Currently, the lens on the Ultrawide is f2.4, but the new lens could be f1.8, which will certainly help improve low-light performance.

In terms of camera hardware, the iPhone 13, especially the regular Pro model, could use these rumored upgrades.


An in-screen fingerprint scanner can solve our iPhone Face ID problems.

Touch ID may be back on the next iPhone

The iPhone 13 may get an under-the-display fingerprint reader. Since the first Android phones came with an in-screen fingerprint reader, people speculated that an under-the-display Touch ID sensor would be a way to reduce the frustration some people get from using Face ID (and It was before the pandemic made face masks an everyday thing).

Currently, Android phones have two types of in-screen fingerprint sensors. Like optical in-screen sensors found on phones OnePlus 8T

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