Everything we know about Breath of the Wild 2

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When Nintendo released the teaser trailer Breath of the Wild 2 Several years ago, this opened up a whirlwind of rumors and speculation about a sequel to the best Zelda game. As the dust began to settle, some things cleared – but a lot remained in the air. Nintendo is notoriously scarce with information about first-party titles, and the same holds true for this highly anticipated sequel.

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Thankfully, Nintendo got us a closer look The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild 2 During E3 2021. Eagle-eyed viewers have been able to piece together a lot of the clues seen in the announcement trailer, and the latest gameplay reveals have tons of other hidden secrets for us to decode. Plus, we’ve heard a few things straight from famed game designer Eiji Aonuma, which only added fuel to the fire.

From playable characters and returning enemies to the release date and story, here’s everything we know — and don’t know — about the upcoming sequel breath of the wild,


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release date

Breath of the Wild 2 is scheduled for 2022 release. The news was confirmed during Nintendo’s E3 2021 keynote, though we still don’t have a specific date for its arrival. It is also likely that the game will be postponed further – as is expected with most major releases in the modern era of game development – so it would not be surprising to see BOTW2 decline in the second half of 2023.

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However, in a recent episode IGN’s Nintendo Voice Chat PodcastPeer Schneider, the co-founder of the website, noted that botw 2 May fall in November. It’s far from a confirmation, but at this point, it’s the most tantalizing news we’ve had for the game in quite some time.

“I was able to hang out with some people in the industry afterwards and it looks like Nintendo is going to have a very good year next year,” Schneider said, “So I wouldn’t take the absence of the big stuff as a sign that maybe breath of the wild There are delays, or they don’t have other stuff because it looks like the people at Nintendo are very excited about 2022.”

Breath of the Wild 2


Breath of the Wild 2 will only be available on Nintendo Switch. Nintendo isn’t keen on porting its high-performance first-party titles to other consoles, and we don’t expect that trend to change when Breath of the Wild 2 is finally issued.

And despite the launch of Switch OLED models, rumors keep swirling about a potential Switch Pro console – and it will be interesting to see if Breath of the Wild 2 “Next-Gen” coincides with the launch on the Switch. with latest Hyrule Warriors Pushing the system to its limits, no doubt about it Breath of the Wild 2 Might benefit from some advanced hardware.


Nintendo has released two trailers for Breath of the Wild 2 — a brief reveal trailer and a short gameplay trailer announced during E3.

The gameplay trailer is particularly interesting, as it shows off a variety of new mechanics, including some that seem to be borrowed. Skyward Sword,


While there’s a lot we don’t know about BOTW2of the gameplay, we are confident that players will return to Hyrule as seen in the original breath of the wildEasy Aonuma, Producer breath of the wild And its upcoming sequel said he would love to travel the world again and introduce new gameplay concepts along with a new story. He later said that Breath of the Wild 2 would actually be a The “continuity” of the original, which means we should expect to see more of the Hyrule we’ve come to know and love over the years.

The latest E3 trailer pretty much confirmed that statement – although we now have a bunch of floating islands in the sky that we’ll be able to explore. It is unclear whether these locations would be easily accessible while roaming on the ground, or if they would be set in an entirely different timeline – as seen in the youth and adult link variants. Ocarina of Time,

One thing that everyone picked up on from the reveal trailer is that this entry is taking on a darker adventure than its predecessor. Aonuma confirmed this, saying that the entry would be like this. Zelda’s Saga: Majora’s Mask In tone — easily the darkest and most disturbing game in the series. Exactly how this will play out is unknown, however, it has been confirmed that This No tie in Majora’s Mask in any way. It may be going for a similar aesthetic, but that doesn’t mean the hit Nintendo 64 title will see any story elements.

Obviously, a. driving factors for making breath of the wild The sequel came from the development team which incorporated a lot of DLC ideas. While DLC works to add small changes to a game – it essentially acts as an expansion – you are often limited to the existing structure of the title. Aonuma said the team had some major changes they wanted to implement, but they Couldn’t do it using DLC, As time went on and more ideas started coming in, it became clear that a new game was the only way to make them a reality.

breath of the wild 2 zelda and link

As soon as the trailer was revealed at E3 2019, the internet was ablaze with rumors and speculations. It’s not all that reliable, but we’ve compiled a list of the most realistic thunder. Nintendo hasn’t commented in any way about the following claims, so it’s possible that some of these great ideas could make it to the final product:

  • The reveal trailer shows Link and Zelda exploring some sort of underground chamber, but Zelda looks a lot different than we remember. Her hair has been cut short into a bob of sorts, and fans are speculating as to she’ll be a playable character. Short hair is less prone to clipping into other objects and makes it easier to pull off a clean look without any lively animation. We’re not sure how likely that is — but we can’t deny that it would be great to run around Hyrule as someone other than Link.
  • Seeing Link and Zelda together in the reveal trailer gave some fans the impression that it could be a co-op title. Onuma was asked about this possibility and did not give a direct answer. While it probably won’t be the driving force of the game, we hope you’ll be able to partner up with a friend this time around.
  • Many of the cave paintings seem to refer to the time before the disaster. Does this mean the title could be a prequel to the original?
  • The traditional dungeon may be making a comeback. Since players are already familiar with Hyrule’s maps, it makes sense that the new locations would have to be underground or indoors.
  • Gondorf is the most likely villain, as he fits into the appearance of the castrated corpse seen in the trailer. Some are even speculating that Zant is one of the opponents of The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess, may also make a comeback, but there isn’t much evidence to support this claim.

For the latest E3 2021 gameplay trailer, we spotted Link with a few new tricks — like the ability to teleport through solid objects and a deadly new gauntlet — and it confirmed that much of BOTW2 won’t go too far from the original title. . , Speculation is already swirling about how Link, Zelda, and Gon all fit into the picture, but for now, it’s just a bunch of fan theories, no matter how intriguing they may be. Until Nintendo gives us some more concrete details, we’ll leave the guesswork to internet savvy.


The game is rumored to include co-op — but that’s only because fans saw Link and Zelda together in the reveal trailer. Nothing is official yet, although the co-op offering will be a big change compared to the original Breath of the Wild.


No DLC plans have been confirmed, but it’s highly likely Nintendo will offer some form of post-release support. If we’re using Breath of the Wild as a baseline, expect a lot of DLC packs to be released in the months following Breath of the Wild 2’s arrival.

pre order

It’s still a long way to go, but you can pre-order Breath of the Wild 2 heroine And best Buy.

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